Friday, December 28, 2012

Bodyweight Training is My Favorite Exercises

Bodyweight Training
What is bodyweight training? Maybe some of you are familiar with this term. Bodyweight training is weight training using our own body as a burden. Bodyweight training does not require any special equipment. These exercises use the body weight as a burden to help increase strength and muscle growth and burn body fat. Because it requires no special equipment, and using our body weight, therefore this exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. Moreover, this exercise also does not require a fee, and therefore the bodyweight training became one of my favorite exercises, hehehe.

Actually, the bodyweight training is already very familiar to you. Push ups and sit ups are kind of bodyweight training that is very popular. You should know that most of the weight training that i do to get my ideal body is bodyweight training. Because ever since I first started my fitness program in february 2012, I have never worked in the gym, I do it wherever I want, and most of my practicing at home. The only weight training equipment I have is a pair of dumbbells each having a weight of 4 kg. And as I write on the "About Me" page, I do not use drugs slimming body. I do it in a natural way.

Then, Whether we can burn body fat and get the ideal body, although we did not go to the gym? The proof is my own body, i can do it, why you can't? Of course exercise is done is a combination of cardio and weight training. However, what I mean here is the type of weight training that I was doing mostly bodyweight training, and i didn't use any type of tool as diverse as in the gym. Of course we can think that in ancient times, not yet built a gym, didn't it? 

After all, there are so many combinations of bodyweight training. Push ups and sit ups are only small part. There are still other types of exercise such as crunches, plank, triceps dips, lunges, squats pistol, wall sit, and many more types of exercises to build your muscle body ideal. Even push-ups can still be divided into a variety of movements such as decline push ups, incline push ups, wide grip push-ups, and many more kinds thereof. So, you can train all the muscles of your body just by using your body weight.

Because bodyweight training can be done anytime and anywhere, of course, is very useful for us are super busy. Because of course the gym is not going to want to know whether you are a busy person or not. They will not adjust to the time we have, but we are the one who must adapt to their time. I myself, do not always punctual in doing workout. But clearly, I've set the day when I have to practice, and when I need to rest. What is clear, early morning and late afternoon is the ideal time to do a workout. Even for me, push up is already just like a snack for me, because suddenly I could just do it even in the middle of my busyness.

If we do this exercise seriously and regularly, it will provide excellent benefits as well as other types of strength training. Of course, our bodies will be more toned, because this exercise can increase calorie burning and muscle building. Bodyweight exercise can suppress our appetite, and it will be an important factor in running a healthy diet program. One of very important benefit of course is to increase our bone density. One thing I love about bodyweight training is that we will train more muscles in one type of exercise. We can see when we're doing push-ups exercise. Although the push-up has the objective of training the muscles of the upper body, such as chest, but while doing push-ups, in fact we will also train our triceps, back, and abdomen.

Seeing all the advantages of bodyweight training, it feels there is no reason for me to not make it as my favorite exercise. A workout that is simple, inexpensive, but provide amazing benefits. All it takes is determination and discipline in doing so. So how about you?

keep healhty all :)


  1. I always feel better when I exercise. I have more energy and feel good. It's a win-win for sure.

    Have a terrific day my Grandson. :)

    1. That's very very good, of course. The right exercising course will provide a good benefit.

      Thanks Grandma. Sorry too late to reply :)

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