Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Healthy Lifestyle of The World-Class Musicians, Sting

Do you belong to one fan of Sting? Musician whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner is a world class musician who is legendary with his song "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" and "All This Time". If you are the fans of the band The Police, surely you already know, Sting. Musicians who was born on 2 October 1951 turned out to have a very healthy lifestyle, so it's not surprising that even now, Sting still perform excellent in each of his stage act. In fact, his stamina on stage is not inferior to other young musicians. From many superstars in the world, Sting including disciplinary figure in maintaining lifestyle and diet. Therefore his current physical condition is not obtained instantaneously, because he has started a healthy lifestyle for a long time and consistently.

Running a macrobiotic diet

Sting regulate his diet, by running a macrobiotic diet, a diet by eating lots of grains that are combined with vegetables, avoiding processed foods that contain preservatives, as well as reducing the consumption of meat.

Since childhood, Sting has an obsession as a farmer. Began when Sting and the family moved to a manor-style house and has a very wide home page, he started farming themselves. Sting choose to grow vegetables and fruits are organic. He also built a small farm, because he avoid preserved meats. Thus, all of the food consumed by Sting and the family came from their own plantations and farms. Sting has about 50 types of vegetables and fruits, wild mushrooms, chicken, turkey, and honey that anytime can be served at their table. Even Sting also has a private lake stocked with trout fingerling to be caught.

In addition to running the macrobiotic diet, Sting also reduce the sugar, salt, and products containing milk. He had also been a long time reduce the habit to consume alcoholic beverages. Sting has always run a healthy diet wherever he is, even when he was busy with his music tour. He will be bringing his personal chef, even when running a world tour.

Exercising yoga

Sting has studied yoga since the 1990s, and it's been running for 20 years. Sting runs the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga flow, a yoga flow that relies on the power of the body and be able to build muscle. Ashtanga Yoga should not be done by beginners, especially by people who rarely exercise, because the yoga flow is really relying on the power of the body, if you can not control it then it will be very high risk of injury. However, precisely because of this yoga, is then it made Sting attracted towards yoga. At that time he still did not believe, how the activity is only done by sitting in place can have an effect such as running for 8 km. Because before studied yoga, Sting was already routinely ran 8 km almost every day and likes to do aerobics.

At this time, Sting was also studied other types of yoga. Because of his love, he almost every day doing yoga exercises. Because he feels, Yoga has not only brought changes to the physical, but also his mentality. Therefore, an hour before running the action stage, Sting has always run his yoga ritual by meditation and listening to music. Yoga makes him more focused on singing. Even many who considered that his vocals are now more mature and powerful. Whereas, the majority of singer when getting older, usually their vocal quality will become increasingly exhausted and weakened. Sting once said that yoga is like music, yoga is a long journey that will continue to grow and to learn, and very influential in the creative process.

So, whether you want to follow the Sting's healthy lifestyle with a macrobiotic diet and yoga? Of course it's doesn't wrong, a fan who follows something positive from his idol.


  1. He's eating the ideal diet. Good for him. We all should be and stay away from that fast food. It's really bad for you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Yes, but of course, very difficult to have a private estate and farm like Sting. However, I hope one day I can have it, hehehe ;)

      Thanks Grandma Sandee..

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  3. Note that he does not wear deodorant, ever! Get close at your won risk!

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