Monday, December 17, 2012

Your Body is Your Health Piggy Bank

My health piggy bank
Piggy bank, or also referred to as money box is a traditional media used to save money at home. The objects are usually made of ceramic or porcelain are often used to educate children in order to have a habit of saving money. Piggy banks are more often filled with coins. In my childhood, my mother also taught me to save money in a piggy bank. And when the piggy bank is full, the satisfying moment is when we break the piggy bank, because it doesn't feel that we have had so much money from the coins that we enter everyday. There's an interesting philosophy of saving money in a piggy bank activities, that is "Little by little to make-something  considerable". By saving money in a piggy bank we are taught to do something small, but it has a great impact. And that's what made me think to make our body like a piggy bank.

Of course we will not make up our bodies to have a similar shape to a piggy bank and then put the money into our bodies. But, as i said above, about the philosophy of saving money in piggy bank. Yes, we will take the philosophy of saving little by little and then it will be something considerable. We will make our body as a health piggy bank. If you've read my first article that I wrote for this blog, which is titled "Health is a Precious Treasure", then I would argue that there health is like money, or even more than money or jewel. Health is something we must keep and store well, because it is not easy to get it back if we lose it. Because health is something that should always blend with our bodies. Certainly no bank out there that can accommodate our health to be stored safely, is not it? 

Therefore, the best storage place for our health of course is our own body. As I say that health is like money, we have to work and try to get it. The money is used to buy our needs, and what about health? Health that we get of course we used to buy a better future. The more we accumulate or save health within our bodies, then our retirement will be even greater. Most people who save money in the bank, has a goal in order to they have an investment in their retirement. So, why do we not make our health as an investment in the future?

We've been given the gift of a free health piggy bank from God, which is our own body. So, why do not we use it? However, in order to save our health , it must be done in a special way. We have to really work hard to be put into our bodies. Because the health can not be taken for granted from the street, and then easily we can swallow it into our bodies. I think, you should have already know the method, is not it? Clearly, the method is a healthy lifestyle, and the works that must be done are: healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding bad habits that damage health (such as smoking and consuming alcohol). That's the business that you have to run to be able to make a profit in the form of health, and then we can store them in the body.

Keep in mind the philosophy of saving money in a piggy bank, that by saving little by little, unconsciously you will get great results. So we must be patient in health savings. Start with small things but routine, such as drinking regularly 8 glasses of water per day, dan regularly exercise 1 hour a day. Because you will not get a great results if you just implement it for a few days. You have to do it every day, and even the rest of your life, then later you will feel the benefits of  your health investment that you deposited into your piggy bank. But also keep in mind, if you save into your piggy bank is something that is not healthy, of course certainly you won't reap happiness in retirement, but it was a serious disease that you will reap.

let's save the health

Therefore, make your body as a place to keep your health investment, because your body is your health piggy bank. Surely it would be very nice if in addition to having a financial investment, we also have a health investment. Prepare your future as quickly as possible, we aren't ever know what will happen, but at least we've tried.

So let's start saving, right now. :)


  1. Great analogy. You thought process is spot on.

    Have a terrific day grandson. :)

    1. Thank you Grandma Sandee. Health is analogous to many things, and I'm still looking for a lot of knowledge about it.

      Keep healthy :)

  2. Great Article Laurent!! your knowledge will help me a lot

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