Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When a Cigarette is So Tempting

Oh my God, what's in my mind right now?? Since this afternoon, the object in the photo is always pictured in my mind. Then I began to imagine the nostalgia, At the time when I gather with my best friends, and then we share our cigarettes. Yes, it is a moment that is so fun. But isn't that the fun is the gathering times, not times when smoking. Indeed this afternoon, I suddenly reopen a collection of my photos and my friends. And look there's a picture of me holding a cigarette.

holding a a cigarette

Indeed lately, I'm hit by a lot of problems at work, there was a lot of work piling up, and I have not had time to do a meditation at my favorite place. Currently, My country was in the rainy season, so I'm a little not free to travel. Even my activities for a jog in the afternoon is also should be eliminated for a while, because now almost every afternoon certainly raining heavily. So I mostly do cardio at home. And I was a bit bored, because I wanted to do an outdoor exercise. When the rain comes, it makes my thoughts in the past like floating in the air. Do you know? that according to research, the rain will be able to evoke the memories of our past. And at that time, the moment most convenient for smoking is during the rainy season.

But this afternoon, then I tried to do a meditation in my room, with a condition of the rooms was closed and the lights was not turned on. And thank God, it's enough to make me calm. I'll try to recall all my struggle, to achieve a healthy lifestyle. And of course, that struggle won't be undermined, just because I saw a picture. Whatever it is, smoking is a habit that is not good, and certainly detrimental to our health, and besides, it's all just my past. One thing i always remember is, at this time, I was the one who was trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and it's fun. Maybe earlier, there are a demon that came on my shoulder and whispered to me to return to smoking. So, go away Demon!!

Thank you for stopping by to read an outpouring of my heart. Keep healthy all. :)


  1. I used to smoke many years ago. Quitting was the best decision I've ever made. I would be dead now I'm sure. Don't let this demon talk to you. You are healthy and smoking will make sure you are not healthy.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Wow. So in the past, you also have to be a smoker, Grandma. That's right,quitting was the best decision. And don't let the demon influence us. Thank you for the suggestions. :)


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