Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Story About My Grandmother

My Grandmother's Sri Mulyani
This is a little story about my beloved grandmother, Her name is Sri Mulyani. Grandma Sri Mulyani is the mother of my mother. Currently, Grandma has reached the age of 75 years old, she was born on July 3, 1938. She was born even before the independence day of my country. We have the same birth month, maybe that's why grandma can treat me well. Did you ask me, why are you treated by your grandmother? not your mother? Of course, my Mother was also taking care of me, it's just my grandma more often keep me up when I was a kid, because at that time my mother has to work because she was a single parent. Yes, because my father had been called by God when I was still in the womb, so I've never met my father. Therefore, Grandma was so love of me. Because ever since I was a baby, my grandmother was the one who took care of me. Although I was not her first grandchild, but it could said that I was her favorite grandchild. ;)
grandma's smile

My grandfather died in 1998, I remember that time the FIFA World Cup is underway, and France become the champion. At that time, I was 8 years old, and for the first time I saw Grandma sobbing. Since then my Grandmother start her new status as a widow. However, I am grateful, because all their childrens had finished college all. Since all of her children married, My Grandmother stayed alone at home. My mother remarried in 2002, and at that time I continued my Junior High School in Wonogiri, the home of my father. But, in 2005 I returned to Klaten to continue my Senior High School, where my grandmother, Sri Mulyani lived . I chose to stay with grandma, and not with my mother. Because, my Grandmother also been i considered as my own parent. Besides, at that time she was also living at home alone, with his age who have entered the age of 68 years.

Previously, Grandma had been diagnosed have diabetes. But when my grandmother was 73 years old, that was the beginning of the hard times that will be undertaken. In 2008 I went to college in Yogyakarta, but in once a week, I always come home (Grandma's home). And at that time in early 2010, when I was at home, grandma suddenly screamed, and a sound of broken wood. Apparently at that time grandma fell in the bathroom. I quickly met my grandmother and then carried her into the room. Her small body feels very heavy, because of her motionless body. At that time I was panicked, but still try to think clearly. Then I take a glass of water for her to drink, and tried to massage her. Praise the Lord, finally her body becomes relax, although she still felt weak. Then I called my aunt, and grandma then taken to hospital.

From the results of the doctor, it turns out, grandma's blood sugar levels decreased dramatically, so she then became limp. Drastic reduction was very dangerous, to the point that she did not have the energy to sustain his own body. At that time her blood sugar is low, and of course if it runs out, it will lead to death. Therefore, we are very grateful to God. Because, it was happened when i still at home, because at that time I was getting ready to leave for my college. I can not imagine what if Grandma was alone at home, because she was not able to scream. Indeed grandmother did a very strict diet, and quite difficult to advise her. Finally, till today, I still take care for my grandmother. And then, I was also getting mastered how to treat people with diabetes. It's like playing a kite, we have smart keeping it stable in the air. Just like diabetes, we have to be smart to maintain the condition of the blood sugar to remain stable, not excessive and no shortage.

Grandma give me a plate of white rice
There is a proverb that says "Caring for the elderly is just like caring for kids." And that's what I feel now. Grandma is increasingly having childlike behavior, it becomes very difficult to be advised when they have the will, although it's wrong. She even sometimes often make their own theories that made me laugh. If she bought a drug, then the drug must have the same package with she want. Althought the other drugs have the same function, the same content and the same dose, but if it's not in accordance with her wishes, she won't  consume it. She also could not bear the pain. Even when she had thrush, she felt as though the world was shaken by a major disaster. Even she is often forced me to eat white rice, because she also considers i have an unhealthy diet because i don't eat white rice. Maybe because of the diabetes she suffered, so she had a psychological pressure. However, there is one fact that makes me amazed, that after 73 years, it was the first time in the Grandma's life, to be hospitalized. So it's no surprise that he was very uncomfortable with the conditions of the hospital like that, and the number of syringes which must penetrate her skin.

Grandma and the housemaid's child
Currently, we are at home together with our housemaid and her child. She was in charge of caring for Grandma and our house. Because I can not always be at home to keep My grandmother. Earlier, Grandma always lived in the house of her children alternately, including my Mother's. But already since the middle of this year she was lived at her beloved home. I saw, when she played with kids, she was happy and getting healthier. So I'm thankful we have a housekeeper who had a child to accompany stained play (although she is sometimes very annoying and likes to rant) . Apart from Grandma's habits are unique, and sometimes annoying, Grandma Sri Mulyani is my grandmother who took care of me since I was a baby. So I always love her, like I love my own parents (or maybe more, hehehe).

Actually, there are still many of the stories given by my Grandmother. However, it would make me more and can not stop tell the story. Anyway, thanks for your time to stop reading this little story, as my first article in December 2012. So, enjoy the December and always stay healthy :)


  1. What a lovely story about your beloved grandmother. Grandmothers are very special and often more special then our mothers. They are very wise and understand the young far better than our mothers do. I too am happy that you were home the day she needed you the most. God was watching over her.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. yeah, because without the grandmother, we also may not be born, hehehe
      Thank you very much, Mrs. Sandee :)

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