Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Should I Do When I Have a Broken Heart?

the woman is thinking
It feels a long time, no one to confide problems romance to me. But, last night all of a sudden there was my female friend confide in me about her love problems. She had just broken up, and at that time her condition was heartbroken. And i gave her a stupid answer in the midst of a serious problem. 
I said, "Men are often like that, therefore I have never and would like to have a boyfriend, I prefer having a girlfriend".
That answer actually makes her more crying out loud. Finally, I have to listen to my friend cried until she was tired. But actually, I intend to break the ice, because suddenly she called me angrily and cry.
After she stopped it, then I asked, "Are you done crying?"

I'm sure after she tired of crying, my friend will feel more calm and relieved, and it's a good time to give her advice. Indeed, a cry will give you a sense of relief. As a man, I was not ashamed to cry if I need it. In reality, it was not only women who could have a broken heart, certainly also a lot of men who experience it. It's just that, a woman is more sensitive in using her feelings. So don't be surprised if as if they feel that the world will face the apocalypse. Though heartbroken only affects social status alone. 2 years ago, I had ever experienced a broken heart, it was my first experience of a broken heart and it was very painful. And the experience led me to a messy life. But in the end, there are lessons I can take from that experience. That later, I entered a new era of my life where I know a healthy life. At first I felt, when I see my stomach getting bloated,  it seems to have a sixpack stomach will only be a dream for me, but this time, I really do not believe that I got it.

Currently my principle was "if we can have something, we also must have a readiness to lose it". Yes, because everything in the world is simply belong to The Creator of Life. That's the theory I believe, but in fact we have to keep doing real actions to avoid bad things due to a broken heart. I've explained that heartbreak has a bad effect on some organs of our body, such as: brain, stomach, hair, skin, heart, hormonal system, and immune system. So we do not need to add to the pain in our bodies, by hurting ourselves deliberately in the face of heartbreak. In the past, i often advised by my friends. And then, I said it back on my female friend above.

Thinking about broken heart
Don't contact him!
Most of us, when experiencing a breakup, is actually just not able to start a new habit. If usually you go through life with your loved one, then you should start to get used to independently. Don't call him, send sms, or even contact him via social media. Rest assured, that you will find a more enjoyable day.

Don't discuss your heartbreak problem in social media!
Inevitably, this is the era when people are using social media. Sometimes, even when you feel hungry, then write your hungry status on social media. But for the case of a broken heart that you experienced, you should never discuss it in social media. Because it will only slow down the recovery process your feelings, then you will also be hooked to be your stalker ex. Or better, you can temporarily blocking the account of your ex.

Don't hide your grief!
As I said above earlier, that crying is something that can be reassuring. So, if you really want to cry, so just crying. If you want to shout a loud, so just shouting. Just spill your emotions. But don't hurt yourself. You should do it because you really love yourself. Don't hide your feelings, as if you don't have a problem. Because if you continue to hide, then it would only be a burden, and in turn make you become more stressed.

Don't suddenly makeover your appearance!
I often see in the movies, when a woman is experiencing a breakup. Then she changed her appearance, from a feminine to be a tomboy. Long hair, then cut to short. And it turns out a lot of things like that happening in the real world. You better not do that. Do not take revenge on yourself. Things like this will make you look weird. Do a makeover, if you are really bored with your appearance.

Perform sports activities!
This activity is the solution of a variety of mental health problems. A potent activity to dissipate stress. Instead of hurting yourself, it's better you do some sports activities. Especially cardio exercise, jogging for 30 minutes will make you more relaxed, helps you throw your stress. Trust me!

Many people are asking "What should I do when I have a broken heart?", indeed most of us would suddenly become hard to think while panic, and no exception for me. Therefore, I created this article also as a reminder of my own. So one day I can read it again, but I did not expect to have a broken heart again, hehehe. Is there any additional suggestions from you? Every problem has a solution, and a broken heart is not the end of your life. Yourself you are too valuable to continue late in the useless dumps. Life must go on!! :)


  1. It's been a very long time since I've had a broken heart, but it is indeed painful. Things do get better though. Humans are just geared to get better after time passes. I'm happy about that.

    Have a terrific day grandson. :)

    1. And finally you have found the cure to your broken heart, that is your Hubby :)
      Yes, because we have to keep going forward. Whether walking or running, which obviously we have to stay toward the front.

      Thanks Grandma, have terrific day too.

  2. problems are common when you get into relationships. Instant decisions should not be taken. Ignorance to silly mistakes is must.

    1. That is the constraint. People often rush into a decision, and then lead to a regret. It's important for us to anticipate it, so that broken heart is not occur.

      Thanks Middleton. :)

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