Monday, December 24, 2012

Tips to Stay Healthy on Holiday

It doesn't feel we are almost at the end of the year. The biggest event during the month of December is a celebration to welcome Christmas and New Year's Eve. If you are still at school or work, then in this case you will be given the opportunity to celebrate it by getting a day off. Not a few of us who get a share of the long holiday. Because of the opportunity to vacation, there will usually be a significant change in our lifestyle. While on vacation, many of us forget the activities that should still be something that must be done, in this case is to keep our health. Some of us may be many who are invited to attend the celebration parties, and often times we forget to keep our diet, even many of us are a lack of time to rest because always spend the holidays with staying up until morning. Here are tips to make your holidays keep enjoyable, but still healthy.

Avoid the following foods while away on vacation.

1. Carbonated drinks
Indeed, canned soft drink are practical and easy to carry while going on vacation, but carbonated drinks also cause bloating and stomach problems, and make bad breath be no odor. Of course we all want our stomach to feel keep comfortable while on vacation, don't we?

2. Cheese
Cheese does have a high calcium content. However, you better not carry it when go on vacation, because the cheese out of gas that make it difficult for the stomach to digest. It will also make your stomach discomfort along the way.

3. Junk food
Burger or pizza is also a practical food to be consumed, and this food can be very tempting during the holidays. But junk food is junk food, it will only give you an extra fat and it can destroy your diet during the holidays.

4. Chewing gum
Chewing gum can also be something fun to accompany us during the holidays. However, just like cheese and soft drinks, chew the gum while traveling will just make your stomach bloated. Because when chewing, there will be a lot of incoming air.

5. Spicy food
The food was very spicy would be very risky to create a disturbance in your stomach. You better not to consume too much spicy foods during the holidays, because your holiday might be overtaken by a sense of heartburn in your stomach. However, that doesn't mean you should completely avoid the spicy foods. The bottom line is don't overconsume it, because the stomach problem become a problem that often occur when people are away on vacation.

Bringing healthy snacks and meals from home

It is important for you to always carry some snacks while away on vacation. Why would this be so important? Because when we are traveling, we will often skip our meals, especially if you are traveling in a long distance. And it can accumulate your hunger, then it will make you overeat when you stop for a great meal. That is the task of healthy snacks, which prevents you from overeating. Therefore, it is very important for you to eat more frequently in small amounts. You can bring a healthy snack such as yogurt, berries, boiled eggs, almonds, toasted nuts or dried fruits. Avoid carrying a high-calorie snack.

Besides bringing some snacks, of course, you should also bring the lunch from home. Because you can better determine what type of menu that you want to eat when you're traveling. Surely it would be more appropriate if you keep bringing healthy foods, such as vegetables and lean meats. You must keep your protein needs. When you really enjoy your vacation, you may not be aware that you have been doing a lot of activity. Thus, the protein will make you feel full longer and help your body recovery.

But if it turns out you didn't have time to prepare your meal lunch from home, and you were planning to have lunch at the restaurant, then try not to eat at fast food restaurants. Look for restaurants that offer a wide selection of healthy foods. However, I still recommend you to bring a lunch from home. 

Because when the holidays, usually the food vendors will be less concerned about the quality of their food, and more concerned with the quantity of food they sell, because of course the number of buyers will also increase.

Keep your body to stay hydrated and rested

When going on vacation, don't forget to bring plenty of water supplies. Because a lot of your activities will make you lose a lot of fluid, so it is important to keep your body keep hydrated. If you feel dizzy while playing, likely your body is dehydrated. Therefore, you better bring mineral water supplies, rather than carrying supplies soft drinks or alcoholic.

When you have to welcome the Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, you might sleep until late at night, or perhaps until morning. Make sure you still have enough sleep. Because of the holidays, of course, this is not a problem if you ever have to wake up late. The important thing is, you can still meet the needs of your bedtime, and sleep well.

Problems often arise when a vacation trip

Jet Lag
When you are traveling by plane, and traveled far enough, or perhaps between countries, then this could make you change your biological clock. If you are experiencing jet lag, after getting off from the plane try to bask in the sun for about 30 minutes, and consume melatonin supplements at night.

Although the purpose of your vacation is to eliminate stress and to have fun, but sometimes there's something screwed up your holiday because your plan doesn't go as planned. You should not be trapped by the circumstances, and must be able to think clearly to solve the problem. Try to get out of the hustle and find a quiet place, then take a deep breath several times, and try to think positively and recall your goal to go on vacation. Listen to music to be one of my mainstays when faced with stress while on holiday.

Body stiffness
When we sit too long in a private car or public transport, surely we can not move freely. Most likely your body will tense because of sitting too long. To fix this, do some simple stretching exercises by moving the muscles stiff.

Motion sickness
There may be some of you who are experiencing motion sickness that causes nausea and dizziness. Whether because traveling by land, sea, or air. Therefore, don't forget to take anti-motion sickness drugs before going. Or you can handle it by taking ginger to make your body feel warm.

Of course, your vacation would be more fun if you could enjoy it with the body condition remain fit and fresh. So, happy holidays and stay healthy :)


  1. Don't worry, I'll be sensible while celebrating this year as I am every year. I am not much for sodas and junk food and eating in fast food places is a rarity. Our bodies are a temple and should be treated as such.

    You and yours have a fabulous and healthy Christmas. It's been fun visiting each other my new grandson. :)

    1. I believe that you can maintain your health properly. And hopefully, the blessings of Christmas are always be with your family.

      Thank you very much, my Grandma :)

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