Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Consider These Things When Jogging in The Morning

As we have known, that jogging in the morning is one effective way to burn body fat. Why is great for burning fat, because when you wake up in the morning the levels of carbohydrates in the body is exhausted. Besides being able to burn fat, jogging in the morning can also burn our spirit to start our daily activities, because it will make your body and mind more fresh. Although, jogging in the morning have a nice benefit, but sometimes there are things that we often forget, or even we do not know about how to get the optimal jogging. Therefore, try to consider these following things.

jogging in the morning

Drink water after waking up.
Without us knowing it, we lose a lot of fluids during sleep, and within 8 hours during sleep, our bodies are also not given fluid intake. That is why when you wake up, your body will also be in a state of dehydration. If your body is in a state of dehydration while jogging, this will cause muscle cramps and lower your heart rate. So, after waking, immediately drink 1 or 2 glasses of water, to keep the body hydrated before and during jogging. However, I once said, "if you want to burn fat, do not eat anything before jogging. Allow your stomach in an empty condition". That's right, what I meant was EAT something that contains calories, whereas we know that the water contains no calories. Another case if you drink a glass of sweet tea in the morning, because it contains calories.

Having enough bedtime at night.
It is also one of the things that often go unnoticed. Sometimes because you so want to jog in the morning, you often forget what night when you have enough bedtime or not. If you are sleepy while jogging in the morning, it will reduce the performance and the results you get. Exercise performance will be much better if you have enough bedtime and sleeps well at night. So, if you have less bedtime at night, it's better not to force it to go jogging in the morning. Or if you do have a schedule of jogging in the morning, make sure you sleep soundly and timely to sleep at night.

Wake up early.
If after jogging you have to go to work, to school or whatever your activity, so don't let your jogging time interfere with your daily activity. If your time is very tight, it will make you rashly when doing jogging, so you can not enjoy it and it and will increase the potential to cause injury. So, you better get up early to give time gap between jogging with your daily activities. So you will get the best result, and it also doesn't interfere with your daily activities.

Plan your jogging.
If you really want to do jogging, you better have planned in advance. Set your jogging schedule, so you do not get confused when in the morning to find the jogging track, or preparing for sports shoes. Also make sure you do not force yourself to jog, it means if you've been jogging 3 days in a row, take a day to give your body a rest.

Don't skip your breakfast.
This is the most important and often forgotten. After jogging, if you are in a hurry condition, then you often skip your breakfast time. Therefore, get up early, as above, would be an important thing, because it's also associated with your breakfast time. After the exercise, of course, the body needs nutrition to replace the lost energy and repair the damaged cells. Water is the first thing you should meet, then have breakfast with complex carbohydrates and high protein foods.

Are there any of the things above that you often forget? Or is there something else which should also be considered? Do you have other suggestions? :). Hopefully your jogging activities become more optimal and your body more healthy. Keep sporty!!


  1. All great advice. I don't job on the street or a track, I use a treadmill. Much easier on my old bones.

    Missing meals is not a good thing and breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Exercising using a treadmill is only have a different atmosphere with jogging at outdoor. In essence, both of them are equally cardio. I hope my advice above is useful to you.

      Stay healthy! :)

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