Saturday, December 8, 2012

Invite Your Family to Have a Healthy Life

Happy and Healthy Family
Inviting our families to live a healthy lifestyle really be a challenge. If you already start to  live a healthy lifestyle, certainly it doesn't wrong for us to spread that habit to the people around us. Would not it be great fun if we surrounded by people who also live a healthy lifestyle? Because then, we become not alone. Living a healthy lifestyle will be easier and not too many challenges to be faced. That was my thoughts at this time. I have an ambition to invite as many people to undergo a healthy lifestyle. And i want to start to do the ambition from the scope of my family first. And also I suggest to you, which also has been undergo it, or who have a plan for undergo a healthy lifestyle. But of course it will not be easy. Because we also have to face a lot of people with their minds, it might be a mental block be one of the obstacles (as in my writing about mental block).

Would not you feel good if you have a healthy family. But it all must start from us first. Demonstrate love should not be done by giving luxury goods, or by getting them to eat in a fancy restaurant. In my opinion, by bringing them into a good life, in this case to invite them to lead a healthy lifestyle, will demonstrate a sense of incredible love. Because by providing this knowledge, we are also giving something that last a long time, and is also useful for a better life. The problem about why the majority of people are very difficult to be invited to perform a proper diet and regular exercise, i think it's because of ignorance factor. In general, they do not have knowledge of it. An example is how belly fat is considered as a very usual thing in the public, but behind it there are various diseases that are ready to pounce. I really hope the knowledge of a healthy life can be spread more widely to the public. So it is not only certain circles who received knowledge. And it becomes your job, the perpetrators of healthy living and the readers of this blog to spreading the knowledge, and let's start from your family first.

One thing that has always been my question is, why are so many doctors (especially arround me) who have excess belly fat and unhealthy lifestyle? Many people say, "The doctor was also a human being". But is not that the doctor is a profession that is supposed to make people healthier and become the health agents? They should be an example for people to lead healthy lives. This is an example where a person already has knowledge about health, but they can not apply that, even though it has become their profession. Therefore, to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle, it takes an unyielding spirit. Because, in addition we have to provide the right knowledge, we also have to raise their mental. Believe me, by teaching the others, you will also gain a new knowledge. And by raising up the mentality of your family, then your mentality will also be uplifted.

My Aunt and My Uncle
Currently I'm forcing my uncle and aunt to start living a healthy lifestyle. The people who appear at the besides photo is my uncle and aunt. They often complain about the condition of their bodies are often seized with the disease. And just yesterday my aunt was hospitalized due to blood pressure disorders, and the cause is related to her diet. Moreover, my uncle, if you see him being eaten, wow he would eat a lot of high cholesterol foods in front of him. I always admonish them to improve their diet. In fact, I've said it is willing to always be their advisor. However, because we are not living in one house, so it's a bit hard to control and watch them. Patience is required in this case, but I will never give up to persuade them. I hope there will soon be a positive change in them. And I hope one time, their photo will be changed, with a healthier body.

Let's invites the people around us to have a better life. Do not think about the difficulties that will happen, because in an effort surely we will find a difficulty. Most important is the work we do. So, do it as an expression of love to your family, invite your family to have a healthy life. :)


  1. Lead by example I say. If you look good and you are healthy people take notice. If' you eat healthy food people take notice. It's hard, but it can be done. Good for you for trying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Yes Grandma. The best lead is by giving an example. I also hope that you will transmit your healthy habits to your family too.

      keep healthy :)

  2. nice thought Lauren...
    regarding your thoughts about doctors, I want to tell you doctors have quite a lot of similarity with bankers... both are surrounded by the 'thing' people dream of but poor them can't ever use it for their own good... 'money' for bankers and 'health' for doctors :-) and take it from me it's not doctor's fault :-))

    Anunoy Samanta

    1. Yeah... i absolutely agree with you, Samanta.
      I once wrote an article about health that can not be obtained simply by praying. And "Health" and "Money", is something similar, they can only be obtained if we take concrete actions to get them.

      Thanks for your very nice comment. :)

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