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Joan Minnery, a Mother Who Lead a Healthy Life For Her Son

What if you are faced with a choice between choosing Junk Food that has become your favorite menu, or choose the only son you have? Maybe for you the reader, will be easily answered, "Of course I would prefer my son." The junk food i mean here is to represent an unhealthy lifestyle. Where a person who has had an acute obesity, will usually make junk food as their favorite daily menu, which is almost every day they eat. Today I found an article that impressed me at the HuffingtonPost website. The article discusses a woman named Joan Minnery, who managed to lose her weight to 163 pounds. It was a sufficient amount of fantastic in my opinion. And that impressed me is that she runs a healthier life because of her love motivation for her son. And I think this figure greatly inspired me.

Joan Minnery

Joan Minnery is a 56-year-old mother. She has a height 157,5. She always had a fat body. Joan admitted if in the last 5 years prior to starting the diet, her weight has exceeded 250 pounds. She always ate non-stop, from lunch until midnight. She said, "I ate lots of carbs, stopped at many drive-thrus and totally gorged myself on pop and greasy foods". Therefore, it's not surprising that when she weighed her weight, then the scales shows the number 300 pounds.

Joan worked as a teacher of musical theater. And her profession is often a source of stress. Joan is a single mother of her son, who was also a perfomer. Her son also thinks that because his mother lived lifestyle, he was going to live his adult life without his mom. Until the year 2010, her doctor gave her a real choice, between still choose to live unhealthy, or immediately run a healthy lifestyle. Of course, to run a healthy lifestyle is not an easy matter for Joan. However, at that time his son forcing Joan to choose junk food or himself. And finally his son won. Joan promised to change her life. Then, on 303 pounds, she started on a health and wellness journey, which has resulted in her turning her entire existence around.

There is a similarity between my diet method, with the Joan apply. We are actually using natural methods. Joan did not use drugs or any medical ways, or use methods of operation, because she also chose old-fashioned method. Joan began to plan a controlled diet with foods high in protein and fewer carbohydrates. She eats carbs in the morning and afternoon, and she ate a lot of chicken and fish. And she did not eat anything during the night. And of course to be balanced with regular exercise.

Joan Minnery perform

Currently, joan could go back to dancing, acting, and teaching. She felt like living again. Even in December 2011, she became a certified Zumba Fitness instructor, and she is embarking on a health and wellness career, joined by her son, who is a Certified Personal Trainer. Of course that is in contrast to her past life. And after leading a healthy lifestyle, then her weight to 140 pounds.

That is a story of Joan Minnery, which i think this is very inspiring. If you still love your family, then stop hurting yourself. Running a healthy lifestyle is not only useful for yourself, but also will make your family happy. Because you mean so much to them. :)

Images Credit : HuffingtonPost


  1. Don't worry Grandson, we are healthy here. Both hubby and I just have a few pounds to conquer, not a lot of pounds. We've notices it's harder to take off when you get older.

    She is indeed an inspiration. Too much junk food out there and it's often the diet of many. No healthy choices at all and we both know what happens to them.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. I'm grateful for all of it. Yes, I think that junk food can be addictive, just like cigarettes.

      So, keep healthy Grandma :)

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