Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't Let Your Body Dehydrate!

Illustration of dehydration
Dehydration is a disorder in which you are experiencing chronic water deficit, which occurs because the water that you spend more than the water you drink. A baby, has a moisture content 80% of his body weight. While for us adults, ideally containing 60% to 75% water. So for example, if your body weight is 70 kg, then the weight of water content you should have is 42 kg to 52.5 kg. Therefore, don't be surprised if the water becomes a symbol of life, because the majority of the content of our own body is water. Many of us may not realize when we are dehydrated. Or maybe of you actually understand when you're dehydrated, but you tend to leave it and delay the time to drink water.

Level of dehydration

In men, lack of body fluids by 1.5%, usually it will already make your body provide a signal. Whereas in women, it is even less, which is 1.3%. Thirst is the first signal given by the body in order that you immediately give the water intake on your body. And when we've started to feel sleepy and it becomes difficult to concentrate, it means that we are already dehydrated as much as 2%.

You start to enter the phase of dehydration when the body loses fluid as much as 4-5%. This phase is referred to as mild dehydration. People who experience mild dehydration, it will usually have a headache. If at the time of exercise you suddenly got a headache, then you are probably experiencing mild dehydration. Immediately stop your workout activity, and then immediately consumed the water, before the case is more severe.

Moderate dehydration is happening when you lose body fluids 5-10%. And it's better not let you enter to this phase. Moreover to enter the level of severe dehydration, that is more than 10% dehydration. When you are dehydrated your body as much as 12%, then your mouth will feel dry and make it difficult to chew. Dehydration will give a death threat when you have lost 15-25% of body fluids. And if in this condition, you still don't get fluid intake, it stands to reason that the death will pick up after 1 week.

Common symptoms of dehydration

Indeed, dehydration have certain levels in the world of medicine, but even if it was only a mild level, we still can not be experienced it. If you feel thirsty then just drink water. Thirst is a beginning signal that we lack body fluids, while based on the level of dehydration, a common symptom experienced by patients, are as follows:
- Mild dehydration: drowsiness, dry mouth, dry throat, dry skin, and headaches.
Moderate dehydration: dizziness, increased pulse rate, decreased blood pressure, weakness, urine volume slightly, the yellow color of urine is thicker.
urine color level of dehydration
- Severe dehydration: muscle cramps, swollen tongue, blood circulation deteriorates, physically very weak, decreased kidney function, and fainting.

Dehydration in cold temperatures.

By the time you exercise for an hour, then you will spend a lot of sweat. Or, when the air is very hot and we were in the heat of the sun, of course we will also issue a lot of sweat. In that two conditions, it is clear that we have spent a lot of fluids. And in fact, not only when we are sweating, the body will secrete body fluids. What about swimming? Is not a sport does not make us look expend a lot of sweat? but in fact swimming is a cardio activity just like running, so after swimming for 1 hour you will feel very thirsty and hungry.

One more example is when you are in air-conditioned for hours, then you are out of the room, and suddenly you feel thirsty. Well actually, when you are in the air-conditioned room, you've lose a lot of body fluids, even if you just silent and sit down. Why? Due to humidify the air we breathe, the body will use a lot of body fluids. Similarly, when your place are experiencing the rainy season or winter. Of course the air will be very cold, and in this condition, many people will be vulnerable to dehydration, because they will feel not sweating and rarely experienced thirst, so they became rare for a drink of water. When the air temperature is cold we become sleepy easy, isn't it? Even though we are after waking from long sleep, but we still feel sleepy, aren't we? You must remember, sleepiness is one symptom of dehydration.

Therefore, don't underestimate your sense of thirst. Because if you ignore it, it could be the outset of your dehydrated. If you feel a headache, I suggest don't rush to take a medicine, but try to consume enough water. Because I see, the most of migraine sufferers are people who consume less water. So, don't let your body dehydrate!


  1. Excellent advice. I don't drink sodas and other fattening drinks. I carry around my water all day long. I've always a bottle of water, and I drink several every day. Excellent advice.

    Have a terrific day grandson. :)

    1. Oh no, I forgot to give that suggestion "that we should bring a bottle of water wherever we go". Thank you for reminding about it, Grandma. It was very good to keep us hydrated.

      Thanks for always stopping by. Have a terrific day too :)

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