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Simple Steps to Create a Healthy Family

create a healthy family
Health knowledge that we have would be more meaningful if it's also passed on to others, especially our own families. But to invite family lead a healthy lifestyle, it's not easy, because there must be a growing motivation from within themselves. Therefore, we should make approaches are simple, but have a great impact. We must create the conditions to be used as a habit in daily life. Doctor Oz is an expert in family health. And from many of his opinions, I concluded, that to create a healthy family, to do with the daily activities approach and this can be done together with your family. From that point, we won't only get the benefit to the individual health, but also will foster a harmonious and healthy family.

Grow a critical attitude in your kids

Kids will be more receptive to a new knowledge than adults. Therefore, talk to your children about the importance of exercise, eating well, and healthy eating.
Indeed, a good teaching technique is by giving an example. But on this occasion, train your kids to be critical by deliberately giving a wrong example. If you previously gave teachings that Junk Food was not good, then later try to eat a junk food in front of them. Then let your children blame you, let them protest you and then ask, "Why do you eat junk food?". Then try to appreciate their reprimand by saying "thank you very much".
These events will keep in their memories, and the knowledge you provide will be absorbed properly. Plus, it will create a habit to warn each other in the family.

Create a good eating habits

1. Provide fruits and healthy snacks at the dinner table
There are so many children who are difficult to be asked to eat vegetables and fruit, they tend to prefer sweet foods with high sugar content. Indeed, these habits can't be immediately eliminated, so we had to accustom them to look healthy foods. We have to show that the fruits have a better taste than any processed foods sold in stores.
Also provide healthy snacks in your cupboard. There is nothing wrong with snacking activities, as long as we keep control of the types of nutrients that we eat. You can provide snacks made ​​from wheat or almonds. You as a parent need to be more creative in choosing healthy foods, but still appealing to children and families.

2. Do not let your family Starve
We know that a healthy diet is to avoid the starvation. To keep your family members still have the ideal weight, you shouldn't let them starve. So, always prepare foods in the right amounts for your family, no shortage and not excessive.

3. Create an on-time breakfast, lunch, and dinner
We know, breakfast is something very important to start our daily activities in the morning. Make it a rule that governs the time of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in order to be done on time. If you are a mother, then be made a packed lunch for your family if they could not eat lunch at home, so they can still have lunch on time.
As well, with dinner to be done on time, and eliminate the perception of eating at night can make fat, as long as we aren't overeat and choose the proper nutrition.
Try as much as possible to be able to eat together, especially for dinner. Because when you eat together, usually it will create an open conversation, as well as to foster family harmony.

Doing healthy and fun activities together

1. Take time regularly to exercise together
Exercising would be much more fun if it done together, especially with family members. Keep a regular schedule, at least 3 times a week to exercise together. You could spend some time in the morning or evening. Spend at least 20 minutes to do it together. Make the exercise as a mandatory habit for your family.

2. Make a healthy holiday travel
If you want to go on vacation but still healthy, you can choose nature as your destination. Keep on vacation, but you can still make your family moving. And it would be better if you bring a healthy packed lunch from home.

3. Take time to play together at home
If there is a time when all the family get together at home, and there was no work involved, it doesn't wrong if you play and joke with your children. Perform a simple but funny game in the house. Let you keep burning calories, even if you're having a relaxing time.

Create a good sleeping habits

1. Make a bedtime rules
We all know that sleep is a mandatory requirement for everyone. Therefore, getting your kids to sleep on time is an important thing. Make a bedtime rule that must be obeyed by all of family member on a typical day. But for a special moments, you might be able to change the rules.

2. Tell a bedtime story
Apparently, listening to a bedtime story can affect the quality of sleep in children. They will tend to have a good night's sleep. Give tales that have good advice, so that they can bring it into a beautiful dream.

3. Create a good bond in bed
Of course this is addressed to married couples. Husbands and wives need a harmony in all areas. However, the most appropriate time to initiate intimacy is when in bed. Creating an intimate bond in bed would be very powerful in psychology to improve the quality of your sleep.
family is a treasure

Naturally, we would be happy if we have a healthy and harmonious family, wouldn't we? Hopefully the suggestions above can be simple steps to create a healthy family, and it's  useful to you. Don't ever give up and bored to always live a healthy lifestyle, because healthy can always be fun. :)


  1. Excellent advice. Doing some is better than not doing any, but doing them all creates a well balanced life indeed. It also ingrains in the youth to follow the same footsteps in adulthood.

    Have a terrific day Grandson. :)

    1. Yes, it's true. Perhaps the suggestions above can't be done at once. But we can start with 1 or 2 habits first, until then all of these steps can be applied. Thanks for your great feedback, Grandma.
      Have a nice day :)

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