Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Man is a creature who is never satisfied. Humans will always constantly trying to fulfill their ambition. However, if the ambition was taken by the wrong way, of course, it will only cause harm to themselves. In addition to material wealth, physical condition is one that is often the object of human discontent. But unfortunately, not all of us understand how to treat our bodies well. We often feel dissatisfied with the physical condition of our own. We may not be satisfied with the condition of our physical form, but the health factors should still be a priority. The best way is to change it in a natural way, not in ways that harm our bodies.

an anxiety

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a disorder in which the sufferer feels obsessed with their physical condition, they have a very high anxiety and dissatisfaction on their physical form. People with body dysmorphic disorder pay attention to the physical appearance in detail. They will make a mandatory in order that their physical form in accordance with what is in their imagination. Their dissatisfaction is in the texture and color of skin, texture and color of hair, and nose. In men who suffer from BDD, the majority of them will put their attention on the muscles they have. As a result of the anxiety and dissatisfaction, the body dysmorphic disorder sufferers can experience extreme depression, and quite a lot of sufferers who reached the stage of attempt suicide.

The majority of body dysmorphic disorder sufferers could take 3 to 8 hours a day to think about all of physical aspects on their body that is not perfect. In the most cases of BDD patients, many who spend their time in front of the mirror, although there are also some people who just avoid mirrors because of fear see the imperfections on their bodies. Some of the patients may also have a habit of wearing makeup very thick, and not seldom of those who like to isolate themselves from social life. Therefore, a lot of people with body dysmorphic disorder who have chaos in the aspect of career, academic, and other social aspects. There is one more thing that makes me very cringe, because some of them have pretty extreme measures, they peeled their own skin until it bled. it's awful, isn't it?

Therefore, many of BDD sufferers who take shortcuts to fulfill their desires. The actions they often do is to do a lot of cosmetic surgery such as plastic surgery; dental surgery, and other surgery to repair the body parts they think are not perfect. For men who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, usually they will also suffer from muscle dysmorphia, that is an obsession with muscular body shape. And the shortcuts are often taken is to consume excessive supplements, and also using steroids.
Michael Jackson

A famous figure with body dysmorphic disorder is the world pop legend who died in the year 2009, that is Michael Jackson. Michael is well known with his performances were always eccentric. He was always surprised the world by varying the shape of his face and the color of his skin. That's what makes him a BDD sufferer. Even some say that the cause his death, one factor is due to these habit.

However, we must remain grateful to our physical condition. However, with the gratitude, then it doesn't mean we leave it alone. All we have to do is take care of it properly, by maintaining and making it healthier. If any part of the body that are not healthy, we can't leave it alone, so we need to fix it naturally.

Keep healthy everyone. :)


  1. You couldn't have picked a better person then Jackson to make your case. He was never happy with his features. What a shame too.

    I'm happy to say that's I'm fine with mine. I am blessed to be healthy and happy. What more does one need.

    I'm hoping you know my new years diet was in jest. I would never eat like that. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. Indeed it's unfortunate that he was a body dysmorphic disorder sufferer. We know that Michael is an icon in the music world.

      Hehehe, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Have a terrific day too, Grandma. :)

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