Monday, December 3, 2012

Mental Block Is The Enemy Of Your Diet

mental block is enemy of your diet
Yesterday, I received word that my older cousin was diagnosed had many health problems, and it's required him to run a healthy diet. And incidentally in my family (the family of my mother), there is only me who successfully run a diet program, and provide a tangible evidence.  And yesterday when there was a family gathering, a method of healthy diet being a pretty interesting discussion. Incidentally, I had three uncles who were obese, and they are very difficult to be advised. It's obvious they were obese, but they still denied that they were in good health. They just said, "May God always keep my health". Ohh.. come on, health is something that should be sought, and did not come suddenly. In fact, they always eat foods containing fat and high cholesterol, they never exercise, How could the health comes automatically to them?

When people are advised to undergo a healthy diet program, the first problem that must be corrected is a mental block. Mental block to be the most common problem at once the largest in living a healthy lifestyle, in addition to laziness. Funny thing is, many people believe in the truth of a theory without thinking logically. For example, a diet with only eat a little or even not eating at all. Or the theory about eating at night that will make us fat. Those examples are wrong theories, and already trusted by many people. The theories are wrong is finally making people see diets as something horrible and excruciating. So people will tend to think of the negative things that will happen before they start the diet program. This makes them lose before the match.

At that time I was also talking about white rice, because now I don't make white rice as my staple food. Then my aunt said, "If I don't eat white rice, then my body will become weak, do I have to eat vegetables and side dishes only?". That's what I said about the importance of a knowledge base, because the science of food is the science of our daily activities, it's not an unusual science for us to learn. White rice is a source of carbohydrates, of course there are many sources of carbohydrates other than white rice. Moreover, white rice is a simple carbohydrate, whereas we should eat complex carbohydrates as a better energy source. This I have explained in my previous article, "Why you do not eat white rice?".

Mental block is a false perception that we already believe, with the pretext of "people say that .. bla .. bla .. bla ...". So, every time I advise something related to diet, then a lot of those who do not believe and deny by saying: "people say that .. bla .. bla .. bla ...". Then I asked, "Who is the person who said that theory to you?", We never know who's saying,  isn't it? So why do we easily believe it? What if that says it, is a ghost?? hehehe :)

Because the mental block that too, so there are plenty of people who claim they've run a diet, but their weight doesn't decrease, but it precisely increases. There are also many people who already exercise very hard, but no result at all. Even only to lose 4 pounds, it's feels very heavy. And the reason of all above is, they do a wrong diet and exercise, because they believe in the wrong theory. Therefore, we should really open our minds. If you really want to start a healthy diet program, you have to get rid of the mental block first. Like a car, "Although we have pressed the gas pedal, but if we are still stepping on the brake pedal, of course the car will not run"

So just like the car above, we must first let go of the brake pedal it, just as we also have to throw first all the wrong perceptions in our minds, mental block is the enemy to be eliminated. So that we can go for run the right diet program. Because previously, I also have a problem with the mental block, and this time I've been able to release it. And now it is my duty (and also your duty) to help friends and family to escape from the mental block.

Keep healthy all.. :)


  1. Often people have no idea what they are putting in their mouths. They may thinks it's good for them when in fact it's not. Much work needs to be done to know exactly what you are consuming and how good it is for you. White rice isn't one of the things that should be the staple either.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. yeah .. you are right, Grandma. Each person may be opined freely, so we must remain critical of each opinion. So, we must keep our eyes on the facts and think logically. So the mental block doesn't become our enemy.

      keep healthy :)

  2. Hmm..this post made me think. No matter how many army dozens we do, if we're not mindful of what we eat, it's not going to get us anywhere. As always, great post! :)

    1. Yeah that's right, Diane. We must know the truth about everything we eat. Because it is related to our survival. What we think is good, maybe it could have turned out bad for us, as well as vice versa.
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

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