Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming the New Year 2013

welcome 2013
It really doesn't feel that the year 2012 has been changed to 2013. And I spent 3 days not writing on this blog. 3 days ago, my computer keyboard doused with water, and I can not fix it. My favorite computer store is still on holiday, and I can't buy a new computer keyboard. Anyway I'm too busy preparing for several events for New Year's Eve together with my colleagues. But finally I have a keyboard gift from my brother. So, finally I can write back this time.

This year was my first experience welcome the new year eve with bedraggled conditions. Because it rained all night on the city of Yogyakarta. Despite the rain, I still go to the city center along with some of my friends, but we couldn't bring a camera to take some photos. We went biking. And this is my first experience too, went to use the bike on New Years Eve. But unfortunately it was raining very heavily, so we had to use a raincoat. Because of the rain, the sellers trumpet lost their source of income. But it was a raincoat salesman who reap the benefits. We continue to gather in downtown Yogyakarta, in malioboro, even though the rain. And still a lot of visitors from out of town who come there. And at 23:30, the rain let up a bit. God may indeed provide an opportunity for us to still be holding the fireworks show. 

Then I remembered that I wanted a resolution last year. And thank God, the resolution has been reached at this time. My resolution in 2012 is to completely eliminate my belly fat that are getting terrible. And even now I get it exceeded my expectations.

The hope for 2013

Everyone has desires, hopes, and the resolution of each to be achieved each year. Everything that we expected didn't always go according to our wishes, so we must not be discouraged if our resolutions are not materialize. But for me, a resolution can become a way for us to live in the new year. That is, these expectations can be a reference for us to determine the direction of our goals. I myself also have a resolution on this in 2013.

The first, which for this blog, "OutsetHealth". Since this blog is my first blog that I care very seriously, so I hope to continue to write on this blog and continue to share about knowledge with the readers. Since this blog is new, so I hope that continues to grow every year.

The second, which I would like to invite one of my family members who suffer from obesity to have a healthier lifestyle. I don't want to have excessive desire in this case, by inviting all the family. I have to be realistic, because to invite one person alone is a huge challenge.

The third is about career and education. I am still feeling very indecisive in two things. I hesitated to continue my education to a higher level, or pursue my career. But in this case, I hope to be able to flow on its own. Somehow, I think to have a certified fitness instructor. Currently I do have a dream to pursue a career in health and exercise.

What is clear, what is now to be maintained. Health remains a priority. Of course I don't want to go back to a past life when I was a very unhealthy. My hope is to keep learning all the time, studying, and learning. Learning is an ongoing activity, because every second, minute, and hour, the world is always changing and we can not guess.

2013 resolution

We should welcome the year 2013 by always thinking positive. We should not continue to dissolve in grief from our failures in the past years. Try and keep trying, that's something we have to do. Just like when we want to get the ideal body shape, we have to be patient and diligent in performing a healthy diet and regular exercise. We can't get it in a short time, all the needed process and patience.

From what I observed, health becomes a problem that continues to increase every year. Technological factors could be one cause. We all know that technology is growing rapidly, and we are getting to be pampered with the easiness that technology has to offer. I am also a person who engaged in the world of technology, so I can see it clearly. Everything should be done wisely. Because after all, health is a gift that humans are naturally obtained, so we also have to treat it naturally anyway. 

I would be delighted if you include a healthy lifestyle in your resolution in the year 2013. Happy new year 2013 everyone. Keep smiling, keep happy, and keep healthy :)


  1. I don't do new years resolutions, but aim to keep the entire year healthy and happy. A lifestyle rather than a resolution. I'm better able to succeed that way. I'm not obese, and I'm happy about that. At 61 years of age my doctor says I'm very fit and healthy. I like that. It's important to remain so for a long life.

    Higher education is also important. If you do what you love then you've found the key to happiness. I did just that, and I'm thinking you will too.

    Have a terrific day and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year my grandson. :)

    1. That's right, the important thing is we can get a happy and stay healthy. Of course I want to be like you, at the age of 60 years, but still has a physical specimen.

      I hope to be like you. Achieve the happiness and success. Have a terrific day and have a great year, Grandma Sandee :)

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