Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mixed Fruit for Skin Beauty

We all know that fruit contains a lot of vitamins that are useful for our body. There are also the types of vitamins that are useful for the health of our skin such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Usually, fruits are consumed individually, and you frequently consume only 1 type of fruit each day. However, the fruit turns out to have hidden benefits for skin when consumed mixed. My sister who works in the beauty company, give me a prescription for free. But unfortunately, he was not willing to be photographed, and then I would put her beautiful face on this blog ^^. So, ladies (men may also try) here is the mixed fruit recipes :

mixed fruit for beauty

Mixed fruit to refresh the skin.
To be able to make your skin look more fresh and pretty, you can combine the pumpkin with almond. Indeed, almonds are often used as a mixture. Pumpkin and almond contains healthy fats, fiber and protein which is good for your skin beauty. You simply make them as a snack and chew them at the same time, easy right? If you regularly consume it, you will be easier to get the skin supple, smooth and look younger because they are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin E that contain antioxidants.

Mixed fruit for skin tightening
Tight skin will make us look younger. Many services offers the Face Lift to make your skin look younger, but you will require no small cost if you have to do it regularly. Eating pumpkin and papaya together can be an alternative that makes you do not have to spend a lot of cost. Vitamins and minerals in that mixed fruit will tighten and maintain the youthfulness of your skin, so your skin will look firmer and natural glow.

Mixed fruit to moisten skin
To make your skin more moist, you can use a mixture of banana and avocado. This mixed fruit will be useful for those of you who have dry skin. Dry skin types typically have characteristics dull and not shiny. If the weather is very hot, it often making the skin easy to peel. A mixture of bananas and avocados provide a natural solution to these problems. This mixture of fruit will give you vitamin A, vitamin D, amino acids, and organic acids. The nutrients would be merit in maintaining the moisture and refresh your dull skin.

Mixed fruit to minimize facial pores
I have the type of face that big pores, and this is the beginning of my question to my sister. Pores large face makes us look older, so this will interfere with our appearance and make us less confident. Face with pores that are too large will make the dirt easily enter, and this skin type usually has a high oil production. With both of these reasons, it is not surprising if blackheads and pimples more easily arise. The mixed fruit that is good for this problem is the mixture of starfruit and pineapple. Both these fruits contain high enough vitamin A and vitamin C. Mineral content in the starfruit and pineapple can also help reduce fatigue in the skin.

The mixed fruit recipe above certainly doesn't wrong for you to try, because eating fruits is a good thing. This was a natural experiment, so no risk of a dangerous, unlike the case if you are using a treatment with drugs. One more thing, although I addressed these tips especially for women, but for you are a man wouldn't wrong to try, because I was also a man :)

Being healthy would be better if it taken in a natural way. So, keep healthy all!


  1. I agree with this post too. Fruit is so very important in our diets. As we age all kinds of things happen to our skin. With care we can look much better than we would if we gave no care to our bodies at all.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. Thank you, Grandma. Because you love to eat fruit, I am sure, Fruit will make your skin look younger and will deceive your real age.

      Have a terrific day too. Stay healthy :)

  2. I love this kind of advice, thank you so much for posting it!

    1. You're welcome Anna. I'm very glad if it's useful for you. :)

  3. Thank you for your good advice. I'll be looking forward to it.

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    1. You're welcome, Eline. Hopefully it useful for you.

  4. Go fruity. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables. Focus on fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and copper because these compounds help protect the skin. Thanks for sharing such helpful review.

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