Monday, October 8, 2012

How is Your Sleeping Position?

illustration of people sleeping
Sleep is a necessity for living things to rest from various activities. People takes 7-8 hours as the ideal time for sleep. Sleep is a time when the body's repair cells damaged by everyday activities. To that end, in addition to nutrients that must be considered, our position or our style while sleeping should be considered in order to obtain maximum benefit of sleep.

Like we are playing tennis, when we already have a complete equipment such as tennis clothes, tennis shoes, a good tennis racket. However, when we play, we are using the wrong technique to hit the ball, so it will make the game are not good, and the ball does not bounce well.

Yes, most of us are indifferent to our sleep style or position. Especially when our body is very tired, when we've met with the bed, it will be very nice to immediately close our eyes. However, we need to know, your sleeping position will affect what your body is doing during sleep.

1. Supine Position
Supine sleep position is the most commonly performed by people. Even this position is a position that is generally recommended. In practical terms, it was thought, that sleep in this position was very good for those who have back pain. Supine sleep position causes a person to breathe through his mouth, this position tends to make your mouth open because the jaw in relaxed conditions. The proper organs, and prepared to do the breathing, is the nose, because there is hair in the nose and mucous membrane that serves to filter and clean the incoming air.
Breathing through the mouth is usually done when a person develops asthma due to allergies, cold, or flu, especially in winter. In addition, breathing through the mouth also cause dry gums that can cause inflammation.
In the supine position, palate will prevent slit the back of the nasal cavity and respiratory tract, that is why we snore. When we woke up, our tongues will be filled by a layer of white that is not fair, and bad breath odor.

2. Tummy Position
Tummy sleep position is the worst position. This position will make your heart, lungs and stomach distress. This is what causes a person who sleep in tummy position, will feel shortness of breath for a few moments. This position will also lead to bone bent neck and collar bone and reproductive organs pressured into sleeping mats so this encourages someone to masturbate.
When someone is sleeping on tummy they would feel short of breath for a while because the magnitude of the burden of blocking backs chest muscle to contract while sucking and exhale. Difficulty in breathing during sleep facedown will result in the heart and brain fatigue. Times Magazine UK edition also contains the  results of the study about the increasing intensity of sudden death experienced by children during tummy sleep .
However, if you're forced to sleep in this position, I suggest using a pillow under your stomach and waist. Avoid using a pillow at the head or reduce the pillow's size, because it will push your neck.

3. Tilted Position
a) Tilted to The Left
Just like sleeping face down, sleep on his side to the left will burden the heart with your weight. At the same time, the heart is to pump blood. This will lead to cardiac fatigue which can be fatal in the long run. This position will also make the heart depressed by the right lung. The size of the right lung bigger than the left lung. If you press the heart, will certainly affect the function and slow down, especially in older people.
b) Tilted to The Right
"To right side sleeping position is the correct sleeping position and best." This position is the most successful medical practice. Sleep on your side to right has many benefits.
  • Resting the left brain. By tilted to the right sleep, then the left brain will be protected from the dangers arising from the circulation slows down during sleep / silence. This is important, because the left brain that regulates the activities of organs to the right, which generally becomes the dominant part in our daily activities.
  • Reduce the burden of heart. Sleep on right side makes the heart doesn't hit by other organs. Position a flat bed to the right, allowing the body fluids (blood) evenly distributed and concentrated on the right (bottom). This will cause the burden of blood flow in and out of the lower heart. The impact of this position is a slower heart rate, blood pressure will also decrease. This condition would Increasing the quality of sleep.
  • Resting the stomach. Human stomach shaped like a comma-shaped tube with the tip of the outlet valve into the intestines facing towards the bottom right. If someone is sleeping tilted to the left, so the expenditures of "chime" (food that has been digested by the stomach and mixed with stomach acid) will be slightly disturbed, it will slow down the emptying of the stomach.
  • Improve gallbladder emptying and pancreatic. The existence of a smooth flow chime will cause bile output also increased, this will prevent the formation of gall bladder stones. Pancreatic lymph output will also increase with the tilted to the right position.
  • Increase nutrient absorption time. During sleep, the movements of bowel will increase. With this position, the food's trip that has been digested and ready to be absorbed will be longer, this is due, the position of the small intestine to the large intestine is below. Periods of time during sleep may allow optimal absorption.
  • Stimulate bowel movements. By sleeping tilted to the right, process of filling the sigmoid colon (before the anus) would be quickly filled. If it is full, it will stimulate bowel movement followed by relaxation of the anal muscles so it make easier the defecation.
  • Maintaining healthy lungs. The left lung is smaller than the right lung. If you sleep on your right side, the heart will be skewed to the right. This is not a problem because the right lung bigger. Another case when resting on the left side, the heart will press the left lung are small, of course this is not very good.
  • Keeping the respiratory tract. Tilted sleep to the right will prevent the tongue falling to the base of which can interfere with the respiratory tract. Supine sleep position, will make us snore. Even sometimes can lead to cessation of breathing for a few seconds that will wake you from sleep. This situation would make us wake up with the state of dizziness due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Obviously this is very disturbing quality of sleep.
But in reality, each person shifting their position during sleep. Your early sleep position may be different from when you wake up. The change of position was reasonable, as long as not excessive. To reduce the change of position so often that harm your body, use a soft cushion and hard enough and clean bed linen or badcover so as not to cause itching. Protect yourself from the attacks of insects, such as mosquitoes, and don't forget to pray before sleep. :)


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