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Let Us Prepare For Stronger Bones In Old Age

the elderly doing exercise
Bone is the supporting framework of our body. And everyone wants to have strong bones until well into old age. The golden age of the bone growth is when we are entering the age of 20 to 30 years. There are many people thought that the bone is solid substance, but actually the bone is a living tissue that continues to change. After entering the age of 30 years, it was a time where our bones will experience deterioration that caused it will be more fragile slowly. Surely, many of us who still want to have strong bones up in our old days, right? We may not be able to fool our age, the increasing age after the age of 30 years will make the condition and function of our organs decreased, including the bones. But, we can slow the process of deterioration, Of course, by doing some efforts that can not be achieved in an instant of time.

Previously, I was the one who had a bent posture, perhaps because it has become a habit of mine since childhood. Of course I want to repair that condition, and therefore I was trying to make some efforts. Just like you, I also want to have strong bones until well into old age later. Actually, the attempt to prepare for strong bones are almost similar with the activity to obtain health care in general, but it does not wrong us to know these efforts are more specific. and now I want to try to answer the question about how do we prepare for stronger bones in old age. Here are the programs that will I do to prepare for strong bones in the old days:

Reduce the consumption of these foods

Without us knowing, there are foods or substances that can reduce the density of our bones, even those very close to us and become the part of our daily lives.
1. Salt
Indded, salt can not be separated from our daily lives. Because this substance is the main flavoring in cooking. In a healthy diet program, we also advised to reduce salt intake, so was also if you want to have a bone density durable. As it turns out, sodium is a substance that can erode the calcium in our bones.
2. High sugar foods
Excessive sugar is really not good. Different from salt, the excess sugar will inhibit the absorption of calcium, and the substance to be eroded by the sugar is phosphorus. Therefore, it's better to reduce foods that contain high sugar, you better get a sweet taste by consuming fruits.
3. Alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption, besides can damage the nerves, apparently alcohol can inhibit the bone growth. Alcohol will prevent osteoblasts and bone-forming cells to do their job. It's also give an impact on the healing process of bone injury, obviously it will inhibit the bone healing. I also noticed on the world-class soccer player who suffered injuries. The players who rarely consume alcohol, will recover faster than those who like to consume alcohol, at the same type of injury.
4. Soft Drink
We know that many types of soft drinks have a high sugar content. But other than that, phosphoric acid contained in it has an bad impact for the bones. So now, there are one more reason for you to reduce the consumption of soft drinks, or even do not consume them. Better you drink milk or fruit juice high in calcium to strengthen your bones

Consuming these following healthy foods

In order to grow and maintained properly, our bones need a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. But the most of all, Calcium and Vitamin D are two key components in establishing a healthy and strong bones. Calcium have a duty to maintain and establish bone density, while vitamin D on duty to keep the calcium can be absorbed properly. So, if you are deficient in two types of these nutrients, then your potential for osteoporosis will be higher. This following are some examples of foods that contain lots of calcium and vitamin D:

Animal source foods
- Milk
Until now, milk and dairy products is still the best source of calcium. Choose the milk fortified with vitamin D.
- Cheese
Cheese is a dairy product that is very well known, and the cheese has a very high calcium content, despite having not a lot of vitamin D.
- Yogurt
One cup of yogurt can meet your daily calcium needs. In the market, there is a yogurt products are fortified with vitamin D, and some of them are not.
- Eggs
Besides being a good source of protein, eggs also contain of high vitamin D, which is in the yolks. In an egg, we can meet the 6% of our daily vitamin D requirement.
- Sardines
Although sardines have a small size, the type of fish that we often encounter in the form of canned foods was found to have calcium and vitamin D is quite high.
- Salmon
Besides having a fat content of Omega-3 is good, the fish was able to meet your daily requirement of vitamin D even more than 100%.
- Tuna
Fish contains healthy fats and vitamin D that is quite high. 3 ounces of canned tuna contains 154 IU (it can meet 39% of your daily requirement of vitamin D).

Plant sources foods
If you are a vegan, then spinach can be an alternative as a substitute for milk. A bowl of spinach can meet 25% of your daily calcium needs, in addition to spinach are also rich in fiber, iron, and vitamin A.
- Mustard greens
Mustard greens have calcium amount similar to spinach, which can meet 25% of your daily calcium needs.
- Broccoli
The vegetables that have flower heads, besides having a calcium content , it also contains vitamin K and vitamin C in high enough quantities.
In the cereal products, usually contain a lot of vitamin D and magnesium, even some certain cereal products that could meet 25% of the daily calcium requirement.
illustration of strong bone

Doing regular physical exercise

It is undeniable, physical exercise is a necessary condition for healthy and strong bones for a long time. Of course, physical exercise should also be combined with consuming foods above. We have to maximize our physical training at the age of 20-30 years, as I mentioned above. However, that does not mean that after the age of 30 years then you should stop doing physical exercise. In fact, the more you get older, then you should remain consistent exercise.
- Age less than 20 years old is the age to maximize bone growth
- Age 20-30 years old is the age to maximize the density and strength of bones
- Age over 30 years is the age required to maintain the bone density to prevent osteoporosis.

Moreover, for those of you a woman who has experienced menopause. So physical exercise would be necessary, because when a woman is experiencing menopause, the bone strength will also decrease.
The first step to consider is to look at and improve your posture habits. If you are accustomed to bending over, then try to get rid of the habit. When you sit, walk, or drive a vehicle, remember to always enforce your body.

Exercise and weight training
Whatever type of your exercise, whether; basketball, soccer, running, swimming, jogging, aerobics, tennis, etc; then do it routinely. Because this will affect your bones and joints reflexes to become stronger and have a quick response. Therefore, not surprisingly, if the villagers have stronger bones than the citizens. Even people older than 70 years is still strong enough to lift heavy loads. Because they're used to physical activity, especially a farmer.
Weight training is a physical activity that must be done to maximize the growth and density of bones. Weight training will stimulate the bone to develop the mass. Do 8-10 reps weight training, for 3 times a week. Remember! practice with the gradual, if it's your first time doing it, then don't directly force your body to work with a very heavy burden.

Stretching and balance exercises
One more a secret for healthy bones and strong for a long time, is by doing stretching and balance exercises. Perform stretching exercises on a regular basis until it reaches the maximum point. In the stretch, hold in 10-30 seconds. Stretching to improve flexibility of your joints.
Do balance exercises after you do stretching exercises. Because to get a good balance, you have to increase your flexibility. The most common balance exercise is to stand with one foot in turn. The most common style is to do a "plane style".

Indeed, to maximize growth and bone density, the tender age is the best time. However, for those of you who are middle-aged or elderly, maintaining your bone health is also something that must be done. Certainly, you want to always be able to play with your grandkids someday, don't you? So from now on, let us prepare for Stronger bones in old age. :)


  1. My bones are in fine shape according to my doctor and I'm 61 years old. I take calcium with vitamin D everyday too. I do almost all of the good things you've cited here. I'm like you...being healthy is a lifetime job.

    Have a terrific day grandson. :)

    1. I'm very glad to hear that. You definitely have prepared well your bone health, since the first. That's right, "being healthy is a lifetime job".

      So, keep your healthy, Grandma :)

  2. As the people suffer from various kind of bone problem in old age the reason behind this is the loss of bone mass in old age and therefore everyone should be more conscious about taking the calcium products in food so as to prevent themselves from bone related diseases.

    1. I strongly agree with your comment. The problem is the lack of awareness of the importance of early treatment of bone. And it is also our duty to remind each other.

      Thanks for Your comment, James. :)

  3. Strong bones support us and allow us to move and give us the freedom to be active. Eating well and being active are critical to building bones early in life and in maintaining bone health as we age. With good habits and medical attention when needed, we can have strong bones throughout our lives.
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  4. To begin with, you must really watch your bones. They may appear tough, but inside each bone there’re blood vessels that carry nutrients to functional bone cells. Hollow bones contain bone marrow and their bone cells must receive nutrients.

    So, bones are very dynamic – they are always being altered, and continue to do so till the day you move on to another world. So, you must not consider bones as stagnant – look upon them as dynamic and ever-changing. deep

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