Monday, October 29, 2012

What Is The Purpose of Our Diet?

What is my purpose?
If there is a question, "What is the purpose of your diet?". Most people would probably answer: In order to lose my weight; to reach my ideal weight; to shape my body looks better: to support the muscle formation of my body, or other physical reasons. Yes, most people who go on a diet may be only oriented in any physical changes.

I was also like that before, running the diet program is only oriented to the physical shape of my body only. However, I do often feel impatient. Thus, feelings of dissatisfaction often comes to mind when I look at my body that do not change. The effect is the diet often fail, because my impatience. Actually my body shape has changed, but because i'm too often see on the mirror, it makes me become accustomed to seeing the shape of my body, so as if no change.

My experience above was only a welcome overview of my opinion that I want to say. I think the diet will get maximum results if we oriented to our long-term health. Judging from my experience, that when I do the diet and exercise just to achieve the goal of physical change, it will be less good for impatient people like me. Actually, this is just a matter of changing a perception.

If you are a bodybuilding athlete, of course, diet and exercise you should focus on the physical changes. However, for ordinary people like me, and not an athlete, it seems oriented towards health will be better. In fact, if we do exercise and diet in order to obtain long-term health, and we do it right, the ideal body shape we must also be able to achieve.

I think that the ideal body shape would be a bonus in our diet program that aims to achieve long-term health. Therefore, if only to get the ideal form, we can perform liposuction, or use drugs. Of course it is not good for health. Indeed, we will get results quickly, and if you run a diet in a focus for health purposes, we'll get the ideal body shape a longer. However, I believe in the philosophy, "If we get something easily and quickly, we will also lose it easily and quickly, too. However, if we get something with effort and the time is not instant, it will last longer with us."

I just want to give advice, lets do a diet program for the sake of our health. Wouldn't you want a healthy body performance for a long time? If you want an instant results, I am sure that the diet you do is going to torture you. So, have you set the purpose of your diet?


  1. I'm into a healthier lifestyle so I worry about doing my exercise on a regular basis, and eating healthy foods. I'm doing that with a great deal of success.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Its important that you remain patient in your program. Try to make your program more varied, so that you can avoid a boredom.

      Good luck, Mrs. Sandee :)

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