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The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
The work is piling up and so short deadlines, making me have to often work overtime. The effect is a few days I had to sleep late. The time for sleep is becoming increasingly shorter. That's why a few days ago as well, I can not write on my blog OutsetHealth, and my other blog. And a lot of health effects for which I feel, especially in terms of concentration of thought. So, what are the effects of sleep deprivation?

Our concentration power will be reduced. This effect is the most I feel, our mind becomes difficult to focus on one thing. Due to decreased concentration, this result also decreased our creativity. Decreasing of concentration power also makes our ability to solve the problem becomes worse, common sense also decreased, and the most annoying is that we become forgetful. Sleep at night plays a role in the process of strengthening our memory, if we lack sleep, of course this would be very detrimental.

1. If we lack of sleep and we drive a private vehicle, of course this will be very dangerous. Sleepy while driving will bring us closer to an accident. I recommend, if you're very sleepy, consider using public transport. Your life would be more valuable.

2. Sleep deprivation makes us more prone to depression. This makes us more sensitive and more easily provoked emotions. When we are facing many problems and at the same time we are lack of sleep, this would be a good stressors. People who sleep less will be easier to get angry.

3. The skin will be pale and cause dark circles in the eye. This effect may be that we often see in people who experience sleep deprivation, there is a black circle in both their eyes, and skin becomes dull and pale look. As we often discuss, that sleeping at night is a time for our body repair the damaged cells. So, if we cutting our bedtime, the time to repair the damaged cells will also be reduced. Sleep deprivation will stimulate the body to produce excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down the protein and collagen (factors that make the skin smooth and elastic).

4. Lack of sleep will lead to obesity. If we sleep late, usually we will feel hungry, and then usually we often do not pay attention to the nutrients we eat. And when we do not sleep with overtime reason, we will be looking for snacks to make us avoid drowsiness. Of course this will spur the accumulation of calories in the body. And when we perform daily activities in the morning and during the day, your body will be easier to feel hungry. Just just like the skin becomes pale, obesity will also be affected by protein breakdown  by cortisol. When protein is broken down, it will make our muscles will become more slack.

5. Various studies have also been conducted to determine the effects on a variety of serious health problems caused by sleep deprivation. Acute insomnia sufferers, had a higher risk of heart disease problems, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, diseases of the bladder, and cancer.

So, it is very important to meet the needs of your sleep. Sleep with enough, at least you should sleep for 6 hours, and the maximum sleep for 9 hours. The ideal time to sleep is approximately 7-8 hours. Surely, a good sleep will affect the quality of your health, don't let your body lack of sleep, but also don't overdo.

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