Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Running Safely and Correctly

jogging or running together
Running or jogging is cardio exercise favorite of many people. Sports that rely on your feet as a footstool, it is better to lose weight, burn fat, and relieve stress. Running or jogging is a sport that is also cheap and easy to do, just takes a long trajectory in the form of roads, can also be done in the field. Moreover, there are many cities around the world to implement the "car free day", like where I live, every Sunday at 05.00am - 09.00am. This could be a facility to make jogging track, uninterrupted with motor vehicle traffic.

However, although this sport looks easy to do, but often we forget the factors that support our security, the rule of running safely and correctly. Thus, many people often feel pain after jogging or running, even not uncommon that also injured. It is very important to consider several things that support our security before, during, and after the run.

1. Use the correct shoes. 
Use the right shoes for running, use the athletic shoes, do not use soccer shoes for jogging. Check also that your running shoes still fit for use or not, if the footwear have potholes, you better replace it with a new one. Do not forget to use socks as well so as not to cause blisters on the feet. Use shoes that fit the size of your feet, and you feel comfortable wearing them.

2. Eat a few hours before running. 
Choose slow absorption foods, so that will supply your body with energy for the next few hours, and just before exercise. But if you want to eat near the time before the run, eat rapidly absorbed carbohydrates such as bananas. Unlike the case if you run in the morning, you better not eat before running, to burn fat.

3. Stay Hydrated
When we run, it will be a lot of body fluids are lost. However, it has spread the myth that drinking water will only cause cramps. Cramps can be treated promptly with how to breathe deeply through your mouth or a good warm up before running. It is important to keep sufficient water in the body. Drink water before, during, and after exercise to prevent dehydration. If you ran for 1 hour, drink isotonic drinks after the run.

4. Warm up and stretch before running. 
When running or jogging, the first is to warm up and do it with ease. Start your running or jogging slowly walking first and then slowly add the speed until a constant conditions, do not immediately step on the gas to run fast. When stopped, too, gradually reduce your speed to a stop. This is to avoid a shock to your muscles. And most importantly, not to do many stops or walking during the middle of jogging, this will only make you feel more tired.

5. Watch Your Posture. 
The attitude and the correct body position will also prevent you from the risk of injury. Do not run with an upright body position, when you run, your body should be leaning forward. Do not land with the heel, but stepping with your foot. And do not do overstriding, that mean you lengthen step when running, so the heel will hit the ground first, followed by a full foot landing. It will look effective to increase your running speed, but in reality it will only slow down your pace. This movement can also cause injury to your feet. Therefore, pay attention to the way you run until you run a natural movement. Keep your steps to stay balanced and stay close to the soil surface.

6. Notice your breathing pattern. 
Arrange your breathing while running, so oxygen can get in on a regular basis. Breathe in through your nose and out the air through the mouth, take a deep breath and slowly remove it.

7. Do not run excessive exercise or overtraining. 
Our bodies need adequate rest for recovery. Adequate rest for recovery has a great influence on the speed and strength in running. Running every day and the distance is too far can result in injury. If you want to do long-distance running, start with shorter distances first and then add your running distance gradually. Give your feet a day to rest.

Running or jogging is a sport that is cheap, but it would be dangerous if you forget the safety factors, because I have ever had a bad experience, so it's important to keep running safely and correctly. Please consider the above factors and I believe you will get the maximum benefit from jogging and running for health. Keep healthy.


  1. I do the treadmill so I don't injure myself. I do all the other things too, but my husband has really bad knees from running on the sidewalks for years and years. I don't want to have that problem.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Using a treadmill also should consider safety factors internal, Mrs.Sandee. They differ only just a matter of location. Indeed, using the treadmill will avoid us from external dangers.

      keep healthy :)

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