Monday, October 15, 2012

How Does The Fat Burning Process In The Body

"Have you ever imagined how the fat in our body dumped?"
Illustration of burning fats
Do you think the fat will be removed in the form of sweat? So for those of you who think so, you will try to sweat a lot during the day. And you will run using a heavy jacket on a sunny day that you produce so much sweat soaked body. You've produced a lot of sweat every day, but why do you keep body fat?. Or do you think the fat will be excreted through the feces? Then for those of you who think that way, you will regularly take laxatives, so you often go to the toilet, then the fat come discharged with feces. However, why my stomach is still bloated?. Hahaha, I used to also think like that. ;)

But we need to know, the reality is the fat will not be disposed of in liquid form. So for those of you who think that running in daylight using a thick jacket, when temperatures are very hot and scorching sun, in fact you will only throw body fluids only. And it would be very dangerous if you do not quickly replace fluids that you spend, you can become dehydrated. And fat is also not excluded as feces or urine.

Fats are energy reserves to be used if the primary energy in the body is exhausted. What is the main energy source in the body? namely carbohydrates and sugars. After sugar and carb depleted, then the fat will be used as energy. Carbohydrates and sugars will be exhausted by the time we wake up after sleeping at night, or it could be spent in the weight training.

Then, What is the organ in the body which becomes fat burner tool? Muscles become a factor whether the fat can be burned into energy quickly or not. MUSCLE IS LIKE A STOVE. Imagine if you have a stove for more, then you can also boil more water as well. The more solid and a lot of your muscle fibers, the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) will be higher. The higher your BMR level, then your metabolism will be higher as well, and the energy-burning process will get better.

And good technique to burn fat into energy is the moderate exercise, not strenuous exercise. Because strenuous exercise use carbohydrates for energy. The example of moderate exercise is jogging or brisk walking using a treadmill. So, let's burn your belly fat. Be healthy :)


  1. you will try to sweat a lot capsiplex side effects during the day. And you will run using a heavy jacket on a sunny day that you produce so much sweat soaked body.

    1. Indeed, using a running jacket during the sunny day will result in a lot of sweat. However, it does not mean too much sweat is also burn more fat. It would only be spending a lot of body fluids. So we need to know, how and when the fat can be burned.

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