Friday, October 5, 2012

Break Away From Smoking With Exercise

break away from cigarettes with exercise
Anyone knows that smoking is not good for health. Heart disease, lung disease, cancer, impotence, sleep disorders and other adverse effects. In fact, ironically, smokers know that their activities were not good for their health. I am not here to explain how smoking can be harmful to your body, you can get easily the dangers of smoking from many websites.

In my country, there are so many people who become smokers, because cigarettes sold so freely, even a children under the age could easily get it, that is sad. Smoking is believed can relieve stress, this is what makes many people become smokers. Maybe some people really feel the cigarette to relieve stress, but "smoking is addictive". If we deal with stress, we definitely want to smoke, want it and want it again. Even if they do not smoke, they feel something is missing from their life. That is a sad presumption. What if you do not smoke, whether you will easier to die if you do not smoke? not just the opposite?.

In the past, i had been a smoker. Just like most people, the goal I smoke is to relieve my stress, not only for lifestyle just like the majority of young people today. When I start to feel stressed, which was in my mind is smoking. Whereas on the other hand, I have had lung disease. Yes indeed smoking provide stress relief effect on me, but the good effect was only momentary, it give me more  bad effects. Became difficult to sleep (insomnia) in the night is the effect I felt. When we have an irregular sleep, then the chances of our stress levels will be higher. And when we feel stress, definitely sought is smoking.

That bit of my story, when I was still smoking. So what motivates me to be totally separated from the "tobacco"?. What is clear, there must be a desire from within ourselves first. However, That really became a powerful tool to break away from smoking, is by exercising. I often discuss, exercise can relieve stress.  Starting from that idea, then I make exercise as a substitute for cigarettes. At that time, jogging or running be my options as a substitute for stress reliever, and this sport is still the most powerful stress reliever for me.

If previously you rarely exercise, the first time you exercise will definitely feel the negative effects of cigarettes that you consume during this time, respiratory factor that you will surely feel. However, little by little it would have gradually getting well. I'm not suggesting you should exercise jogging or running. Whatever type of exercise that you like, do it. Whether basketball, tennis, soccer, swimming, cycling and others.

For those of you who use cigarettes as a stress reliever, it's better that immediately change your habits. Make exercise as a substitute for cigarettes to relieve stress. Stress relieving effects given by cigarettes only for a moment and have an effect tail more negative. Meanwhile, stress relievers offered by sport, obviously has a great effect on our health. You would be better be a sport addict than cigarette addict, wouldn't you?. Always remember that health is our precious treasure.


  1. You mean you can smoke and exercise? I don't smoke, and I'm glad that I don't.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. I mean, exercise is a great way to escape the smoking habit. I'm glad to hear that, you also have to stay away from cigarette smoke, so as not to become passive smokers.

  2. Agree with that, you can surely give up this habit by doing regular exercises and eating lots of healthy food.

    1. Thank you for your approval on my opinion. Regular exercise and healthy diet is a powerful antidote.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tatiana. :)

  3. It is all on your mind, this theory works because when you will be active your mind will force you to keep away from things which are dangerous for health like smoking and drinking.

    1. Yes, it's true. But the problem is how to have a good mindset. Just think without acting is certainly not good. It takes real action to be away from smoking.

      Thanks for stopping by, Gavin. :)

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