Friday, October 12, 2012

Some Unique Cases Due To Obesity

illustration of obesity

Accumulation of fat in the body, it will give the effect is not good for our body and cause obesity. Obesity gives us many terrible diseases. But who would have thought, that obesity may also affect a person's social life, and cause some adverse external effects. I found some unique cases doe to obesity, from Dailymail, ABC News, Huffingtonpost (4/10/2012):

The first case: Too fat to be a father

A father with a weight over 163 kilograms must be willing to lose custody of his two sons after a doctor told the court that he was too fat to be able to care for his children. This man did not want to be named. He's from Ottawa, Canada. He had to fight in court to be able to retain custody of his two sons aged 5 and 6 years old. He was also now have to undergo a weight loss program if he want to get custody.

The second case: Too fat to fly
from abcnews

Kenlie Tiggeman is a fat lady passenger who attracted media attention because in May she claimed that Southwest Airlines said she was too fat to fly. Now she was suing the airline.

The third case: Too fat to wear a wedding dress
from swns

Having set a date for her wedding day, a 31-year-old woman named Claire Donnelly was happy when choosing a wedding dress. He also ordered it in a boutique Design in Gloucester. But her heart was broken when a boutique worker said she was too big to wear a wedding dress.

The fourth case: Too fat to be cremated

A bodies of obesity has led to a fire that nearly destroyed a crematorium in Austria. Investigators believe that the fire was enlarged due to burn fat from a woman's body has a weight of nearly 200 kilograms, thus blocking filter filters the air that causes the system to overheat. Firefighters were able to control the fire, but the fire has caused considerable damage. Crematorium was closed for several days. Wow.

The fifth case: Families who are too fat to work
from dailymail

The weights of these 4 people, when combined can reach 527 kilograms. Philip Chawner (53 years old) and his wife Audrey (57 years), their weight more than 152 kilograms. While her daughter Samantha (21 years) over 114 kg and the youngest, Emma weighed 108 kilograms. They have not worked for 11 years and claimed that their weight is a hereditary condition. Whereas, this 'big family' is just spending time daily in front of the television.

Hopefully those of you who have problems with obesity, do not have similar problems. And I hope that you will consider to lose weight and start a healthy lifestyle. Start with simple steps to be healthy. :)


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