Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hiking To The Lawu Mountain

Top Of Lawu Mountain
Hiking is a fun activity for me, besides as a holiday activity, I also think of as sports activities. This time I will share my experience in 2011, the exact date is July 11. I did the climb with 7 of my friends from KMKath Mountaineering Club (KMC). At that time my weight was 72 kg, and I am still be an active smokers. And indeed, at that time, i have any trouble in regulating my breathing and stamina, hehehe. :)

Lawu mountain is Mount which is located in Indonesia, precisely the border between Central Java and East Java Province. Lawu was Mountains fire "break" and had been inactive. Lawu has an altitude of 3265 m above sea level, the highest peak is "Hargo Dumilah". Besides "Hargo Dumilah", Mount Lawu also has two other peaks, namely "Hargo Dalem" and "Hargo Dumiling". On the slopes, there are a number of popular tourist attractions such as Tawangmangu, Cemorosewu, Astana Giribangun and Sarangan.

lawu mountain from far
Lawu storing various scenic beauty, with Edelweiss flowers are beautiful. And there are some challenging beauty as in "Kawah Mati (dead crater)" and "Kawah Kuning (yellow crater)". There are two hiking trails to the peak, which is "Cemoro Kandang" and "Cemoro Sewu". At that time we, KMC chose "Cemoro Kandang" as a route to climb to the top. Meanwhile, as we descended from the peak, we passed the line "Cemoro Sewu". While descending from the summit, I have an unique experience, my hat suddenly disappeared from my head, whereas before, the hat was still there my head, and only briefly then disappeared. This made me confused. hehehe

around the peak Lawu
Like the majority of the mountain in the world, especially in Indonesia,  Lawu has also some myths. Lawu has a mystery in each of the three main peaks, it be a place mythologized as sacred places in Java Island, and as a place to meditate ancient Javanese kings, especially the kingdom of Majapahit.  "Hargo Dalem" believed as a place of "King Bhrawijaya" be imprisoned, while "Hargo Dumiling" as a place of "Ki Sabdopalon" be imprisoned, while "Hargo Dumilah" is a full of mystery place which is often used as a place of meditation.

landscape in post 4 "Cemoro sewu"
At that time, we would like to pursue the time to reach the peak before sunrise, so that we can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise from the top of Lawu. But amid the journey, which is in post 4, we met up with another group that consists of 3 people, and one of them suddenly ill. One of them said that his friend underfed before climbing the mountain. However, the sick man told us that before he got sick, she took an item lying on the go. One important thing we need to understand every mountain climbing, that we must understand the written and unwritten prohibition, the rules of action and words. And do not take an arbitrary objects while climbing the mountain. All the negative things that we do can be bad for us and the group.

hargo dumilah 11 july 201
KMC finally arrived at the summit "Hargo Dumilah" before noon. Lunch and a short rest at the top, then down the mountain in the daytime through the "Cemoro Sewu" line and arrived at the bottom at night. Then we had dinner together and slept in the base camp. 

This activity is exhausting, but it made ​​our bodies to be healthy, didn't it ?. It is suitable for you who like adventure. Being healthy by understanding the nature. Keep Healthy :)


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