Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whether Eating at Night Really Make You Fat

Eating At Night
Lots of people, especially women, who limit their dinner time. Most of them limit by not eating after 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm. Their purpose is in order to not to be fat. And this perception has already spread in the public. However, whether eating at night really make you fat? The answer is may be yes or may be not.

The reality is that our bodies can not distinguish the time between morning, noon or night. Our bodies simply respond with different activities we do. Of course, our activities are different from morning, noon, and night. For people under normal conditions, in the morning until noon is the time to do our main activity, while in the evening is our time to take a break. Whereas, there are people who work at night. By seeing the difference of this activity only, will be a differentiating factor in the time and our diet. If you work at night, of course you would need to eat to get the energy source.

The next Reality is during sleep were we also need energy. I have often said, that during sleep, the body will repair the damaged cells. Then, whence we get the raw materials to repair the cell if we do not eat? The ideal time we eat before bed, is 3 hours before bedtime. So those of you who sleep at 11 pm, it will be better if you eat at 8 pm. If you eat at 5 pm, and you do not eat anymore, certainly the reserve nutrients in the body will almost gone before your bedtime. And it would be better if you eat high-protein and high-fibre foods 3 hours before bedtime.

What happens in the body when you do not eat at night? Your body will break down protein found in muscle tissue and make it as an energy source. It will only make your body muscles become soft, so your body will be not tight, and you will look fatter.

Why you should eat 3 hours before bedtime? because it is the best time for the body to digest food. If you eat dinner and then go straight to bed, your body will not properly digest the food you just ate, and the undigested food will be stored as fat. THIS THING THAT CAUSES YOU TO BE FATTER. So, it would be the same for those who eat at 6 pm, and then immediately you go to sleep. If indeed you are tempted to eat before bed, eat foods high in protein and low in sugar, fats, oils, and carbohydrates. Fruits would be a better choice.

So, do not be afraid to eat in the night. I hope you can understand the above theory correctly. keep healthy. :)


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