Friday, November 2, 2012

Stress and Emotional Eating

Women eating chocolate
Many ways in which the people to cope with their stress. However, most of these people will relieve stress in a way that is not good, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Have you ever heard the term "Emotional Eating"??. I have a friend, a woman, who told me that if she was getting stressed or get a bad mood, then her appetite become increases. Every time she was in a bad mood condition, then the food becomes her impingement. She began to chew the food until he felt calm. Impingement to the food is what it called emotional eating.

Thus, emotional eating is the urge to eat or hunger arising out of emotional or stress. People who experience emotional eating, making the food as a way to vent their emotions, such as anger, resentment, disappointment, fear, anxiety, or other negative emotions.

In fact, people who experience emotional eating is not really really feel hungry. They will eat or chew something unconsciously, this phenomenon can lead to a person experiencing a variety of eating disorders such as "binge eating" or "bulimia nervosa". Binge eating itself is a condition in which a person eats excessive portions and can be said not to be normal. While bulimia nervosa is a disorder that makes a person eating very much and then vomited again. And for those who suffer from obesity, in general including the emotional eaters.

From most people that I have observed and experienced emotional eating, the majority are women, although many men who also experience it. Perhaps because women have more sensitive feelings than men. And again, most women are fans of ice cream and chocolate, it's not good if they vent it by eating ice cream and chocolate very much. I also watched my female friends, where they always keep snacks with them. That's why that makes some women who are running the diet and exercise program, always a failure. Because on the other hand, they also often experience emotional eating. Remember!! the wrong diet will only torment the body and cause stress. Instead of losing fat, but it precisely adds the fat in their bodies so that this can lead to obesity.

So it is important for you to control your appetite and your emotions. Identify the cause you want to eat something, are you really hungry and your body really needs food? or because you are experiencing emotional eating. Because it is very important keep healthy foods in your side, because if you are unconsciously exposed to emotional eating, at least the food taken into your body is healthy food, such as fruits, whole wheat bread or almonds and walnuts (nuts this can be to lower your blood pressure). For me, physical exercise is still be the best stress management, exercise regularly and correctly, it will make you easier to regulate your emotions.

Keep Healthy.


  1. If I'm stressed out I don't eat. I'm just the opposite. My problem is I'm not stressed out often enough.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Yes, indeed there are also some people who lose their appetite when faced with stress. Emotional eating is simply a form of impingement.

      Have a terrific day too, Mrs. Sandee.

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