Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How The Pattern of Exercise For Burning Fat

Exercise for burning fat
This question is also one of the most frequent questions I have come across. Many people who already exercise vigorously, to lose weight, but does not deliver results, and their weight is still not diminished. The first thing I emphasize is that must be disposed of to lose weight is FAT, not water or food you just ate.

I see lots of people who exercise hard, morning-noon-evening exercise, but does not give good results. Why is that?? Because they do not understand the concept. They just think, more frequent exercise, it will be easier to lose weight, although it was very painful. It would be too sad those who have a presumption like that.

The right exercise would make us happy and relieve stress, not the opposite. Then, how the pattern of exercise is good for burning fat?. The best exercise to burn fat is by doing cardio, but with notes, carbohydrates in our bodies is up, while doing cardio. Therefore, a very good time to do cardio is in the morning after waking up and before breakfast, because carbohydrates have been used as energy when we sleep.

However, what if we can not do it in the morning? I can only work out in the afternoon. Good question. If you exercise in the afternoon, you have to combine weight training with cardio. That is by doing weight training first, then ended it with cardio, either by treadmill, swimming or yoga.

"We do weight training before cardio", intended to make carbohydrates in our body burned as energy. Energy source used for weight training is carbohydrates, therefore, you are not encouraged to do weight training in the morning after waking up. Then after carbohydrates had been exhausted, then we do the cardio that use fat as an energy source. When our bodies still store carbohydrates, then cardio will use carbohydrates for energy. The fat will be used, when our primary energy sources are depleted.

You have to know the effective and appropriate ways to burn your fat. You have to do it regularly, at least 3 times in one week. Exercising for 1 hour at practice in the afternoon is a good time, with an estimated duration 40 minutes of weight training and 20 minutes of cardio exercise. And of course, do not forget the nutrients you eat. When your exercise is complete, immediately meet the needs of your water, and eat foods high in protein, to repair the muscle cells that you train during the exercise. Being healthy is not torture yourself.

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