Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting a Natural Beauty By Doing Fitness Exercise

Women Doing an Exercise
Inevitably, that beauty is something inherent in women. Beauty from the outside is something that can make a woman look more confident. Therefore, many women are trying to gain and maintain their beauty through a variety of ways. They will go to the salon for a body treatment, using many of cosmetics, taking drugs, and even some of them doing a plastic surgery. Even in Korea, plastic surgery has become a common thing among celebrities.

I as a young man certainly looks like women who are physically beautiful. But in my opinion, the natural beauty will be different when compared to the beauty of the result of the treatment. I have many female friends who are under 20 years old who use excessive makeup at a young age. Using make-up is necessary for women, even at a young age. However, if used in excess, I feel a little weird.

When using makeup for the sake of entertainment, for a job as a celebrity or enternainer maybe it is normal, but if only for the socially normal day-to-day, it will feel strange in my country, especially in the area that is not a metropolitan city.

On the other hand, I also have some female friends, which use the make-up without one, they still look beautiful naturally. You must have guessed what I will write next. Yes, they always incorporate fitness exercises in the list of their daily activities. Most of them are like me, who are aware of a healthy lifestyle in the midst of our lives that were not healthy. When I asked them about what sport they train, their answer is almost the same everything, that doing fitness routine. They all do weight training and cardio, some even practicing yoga and martial arts.

So does weight training will not make a big woman's muscles? I answered NO. In normal women, they do not have high hormones testosterone, the high hormone in women is estrogen, not testosterone. Their skin does look more toned and refreshed. They look beautiful naturally, very different from my female friends who do skin care with medication.

It would not hurt you to obtain your natural beauty by doing fitness exercise. Beauty care with medication will only damage the skin in the future. When you've stopped using drugs, then your skin will be damaged, because I have a sister like that. Especially with the plastic surgery, it would have a higher risk, in addition to the costs involved would more expensive. Is not your goal is to stay young despite your age is old?


  1. I like these fitness exercises and my favorite is yoga. Back home, I used to run and stay fit with health products in australia. Unfortunately, with 3 children and car pool, I cannot afford the time to run anymore.

    1. I also love to practice yoga. It's one of the obstacles experienced by women as a mother. Clearly, parents should take care of their children properly. Maybe you can do it on the weekend, or even invite families to exercise together.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sally. Keep healthy :)

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  3. Of course a fitness exercise gives you a natural beauty. You must take exercise daily to stay a healthy and energetic life.

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