Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exercising When We Got Flu

Exercise when we got flu
Weather now is very difficult to predict, in my country is currently experiencing the transition season, from summer to rainy season. Transition season does make us vulnerable to disease. 2 days ago I was exposed to rain, and the next day I got the flu. And that day was my exercise schedule. I am lucky, because I just had the flu and was not accompanied by fever.

Why do I say lucky only had the flu? because if i have a flu accompanied by fever, then I can not exercise. When we are sick, our immune system will decrease, it will certainly affect the stamina and endurance of the body. Thus when we have the symptoms of flu with fever, we are advised not to do exercise, because in addition to avoiding transmission to others, exercise in such conditions will only slow down the recovery process.

However, if you got flu without fever, mild cardio exercise to moderate it will help you to recover more quickly, because exercise can relieve nasal congestion, giving the effect of relax and not tense, and increase immunity. Of course this will help your respiratory tract.

However, even though we only got the flu, we still can not assume lightly. We still can't exercise the same as when we are in a healthy condition. Therefore, do not exercise too hard, the recommended is light cardio. Keep your intake of food and nutrients for your bodies, because if we attacked by the flu, usually this will make our appetite reduced. The water intake should also not be forgotten, so that our body well hydrated, because there is often mistakenly, that drinking water will make the flu get worse. And most importantly, if we feel dizzy when we exercise, quickly stopped, so it does not cause the flu more severe.

You have to be smart to know and get to know the condition of your body, because a good physical exercise will keep us from disease and makes your body become more robust in the face of disease. So, keep healthy :)


  1. I agree with you, don't exercise too hard,cause it can make the pain more severe

    1. Thanks Yuhanto, but not all conditions that will be getting worst. Light exercise will be better for you who have flu without fever.

      Keep healthy :)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lee. Hopefully useful for you.


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