Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Herbal Stress Reliever

herbal plants as a stress reliever
Problems always come without permission, came suddenly at will, and when these problems become a heavy burden for us, it will cause stress. I once wrote some healthy activities that can be done to relieve stress, such as exercising or on vacation. However, what if we can not take the time to work out or vacation?

There are some herbs that can be used as a natural stress reliever, as published on Boldsky. This would be better if you consumes herbs, because it will give better effect to the health of the body, rather than taking stress reliever drugs, which may lead to addiction. There are some of the examples :

rosemary flower
The plant is known to be quite popular herb to relieve stress. Rosemary can be put into the food, beverage, or other purposes. Rosemary works by loosening tense muscles and it also will provide a relaxing effect on us. Therefore, many ancient Greek society using rosemary flower for their headdress.

Green Tea
a cup of green tea
This is my favorite herb, because the plant is most easily readily available at my place. In addition to having effects for diet and beauty, drinking a cup of green tea is a natural way to relieve stress. Amino acid thiamine in green tea is proven to reduce stress hormones. At least, drink up to 3-4 cups of green tea a day. Do not use excessive sugar, not using sugar would be better. Green tea also will support your success, when you're in the process of quitting smoking.
lavender flowers
Lavender flowers gives us an aroma therapy. The plant is often considered a super herb because it works on the hormonal system and stimulating the immune system. Therefore, a lot of products in the form of air freshener products and lotions, have a lavender scent. Some are even making tea with lavender raw materials.

Chamomile flowers
This plant is also commonly used as air freshener and cream. Chamomile also has a calming effect, and is also well used as aroma therapy. Cream with chamomile raw material, also can make our skin more radiant.

Sage plants
Sage plants can reduce tension and stress in a way that is amazing. In fact,  this herb can better in relieving stress than drugs. Sage works by relaxing the muscles and brain.

Therefore, avoid drugs to relieve stress, you better take the above herbs as an alternative to your stress reliever. And do not forget to be accompanied with healthy activities, such as regular exercise. This will give the effect of relieving stress in the longer term.


  1. Excellent way of stress relief! It is very important to be healthy way.

    1. If we could have done in a healthy way, why not? :)

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