Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Organs Are Attacked When Broken Heart

illustration of broken heart
Broken heart, is something that everyone feared in a love relationship. In fact, it's been referred to as "broken heart syndrome". Have you ever had a broken heart? If so, what do you feel?. What if your relationship suddenly disconnected by your mate? Moreover, it disconnected in a way that is not good and painful. Maybe your feelings become chaotic and all-round bad. However, although the term is "broken heart", whether our liver organ were really badly affected. Have you ever thought that if we were gutted, part of our body organs which are completely exposed to the ill effects?.

1. Brain organ
When you have a broken heart, a part of our brain called "secondary somatosensory cortex" will go get the bad effects. If you still like to see pictures of your ex, and stalking on social media, the blood will start flowing to the brain's pleasure center. But at the same time, blood will also flow to the "secondary somatosensory cortex". Because of this, your body will get some reactions like aches and pains, muscle pain, and other pain.

2. Stomach
Perhaps some of you,ever experienced a nausea while broken heart. Broken heart will fishing a stress, and this stress caused will also stimulate the rise of stomach acid in the stomach.  Because of a broken heart, the brain will send a signal to remain full, so make your appetite decreases. Therefore, the broken hearted often become thin and pale.

3. Hair
Depression that caused by excessive broken heart, can damage your hair. This is because some hair follicles will experience a "resting phase" and stopped growing for a while. And hair loss becomes very possible.

4. Skin
Broken heart will stimulate an increase in the hormone cortisol which causes clogging of the skin pores by oil. Moreover, the stress hormones are also increased. Of course, this combination will greatly provoke the acne to arises on the face.

5. Heart organ
It's horrible when the heart suddenly stops when a broken heart, it will lead to death. This is possible, because the broken heart can narrow the coronary arteries and damage the blood circulation. It can also electrocute the bottom of the main pumping chamber of the heart and forcing the top to work harder to compensate. Even studies in the UK, said that about 2 percent of heart attacks suffered by 300 thousand people due to broken heart syndrome.

6. Hormonal systems
When you are disconnected by your mate, the adrenal glands will react by activating the hormone cortisol and adrenaline which served to increase the stress. If you feel a sense of disappointment that the more severe and in a very long time, then the both combination would be more numerous and stronger.

7. Immune system
When you have a broken heart, you may be more susceptible to disease. this is because there is damage to your immune system, cell damage and inflammation. Guards immunity in the body become chaotic and unstable. Damage may occur when you are surprised at the first time you heard the phrase "it's over" or "we're done".

Therefore we must remain calm in the face of broken heart. In a love relationship, broken heart is a reasonable possibility occurs, because we humans can not really know who the right partner for us. Think logically, although it will be very difficult. Keep in touch with friends and family, so the problem you have is not just buried in your own self. Try to face with a smile. :) 


  1. I hate a broken heart. I've had them way too many times. I don't want that to happen to me anymore. I do agree that it affects everything else too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Yes, Mrs.Sandee. If you already have an experience like that, I'm sure you'd be wise to overcome it.

      Have a terrific day too.. :)

  2. Yeah, I do agree, "face it with a smile". People feeling a broken heart just because of their passion. The true love never made us feel a broken heart, hihihi ;)

    1. hahaha, you are so mature at all. What is clear, don't let a broken heart, damage your health :)


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