Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Athletic Body, Is It Just a Style?

Maybe some people have an idea that athletic body belongs only an athlete only. Even some people are also skeptical of the owner of an athletic body that is not an athlete. They assume it is just for a style. So, why do we have athletic body? Is it true it's just for a style?

Athletic body
Maybe it's true, there are some people that make up his body just to beautify the appearance alone. People with such orientation is usually to take instant ways, and tend to take shortcuts. They tend to do a wrong diet and rely on the consumption of drugs. In contrast to those who have an orientation to health, they will do a healthy diet, and prefer doing natural ways by doing regular exercises. They tend to be more patient and not demanding instant results.

For men, it's not a secret that many of those who aspire to the ideal body and athletic body. Deep in the heart of a man whose chubby, surely they also have the desire to have a good body shape, it's just that they have not been able to carry out the requirements that must be done.

If anyone says, "Although I am fat, but the important thing is my body stay healthy."

How do you respond to the above statement? Do you agree with the sentence above?

I know this is a sensitive thing, but it's a reality. What must be known is, a person who has a healthy lifestyle may not have a fat body. Even if the person is rarely exercise, but if he has a healthy diet, then he would have a quite ideal body. However, it is very rare people who like it. Because people who have a healthy diet, usually automatically he will also realize the importance of exercise.

Indeed there are many people who suffer from obesity, but he still claims that he is healthy. Obesity is like a time bomb, which at times could explode. People suffering from obesity was like a cave which contains a sleeping ferocious monster. When we woke up the monster, then he will berserk and destroy everything. It was the truth. All of it is just a matter of time. Obese people already have an investment in their future disease. Indeed, people who have athletic body doesn't guarantee that he will be spared from the disease. But at least, that person is already reducing the risk for having diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

people in a public place

Indeed, the general public still lack awareness of it. We can see when we are visiting downtown or when we're walking around in the mall. Look there, then the people who potbellied be more dominant than the people who has particularly ideal and athletic body. Such a phenomenon is not only happening in one country alone.

If that people with athletic body just want to simply style, then why are they not at the centers of the crowd to show off? They prefer to be in the gym, or in a quiet place to meditate. Athletic body should not be owned by an athlete. Ordinary people may also have it. And if we can keep it, then this will be a very good investment in the future to ward off various of terrible diseases. So, it would not hurt you have athletic body instead? But of course with the condition, grab it in a natural way.


  1. There are no heavier people on the planet than in the U.S. of America. Fast food places on almost every corner. Many people are morbidly obese. They are not healthy. When you are fat you are not healthy. You are right on the money here.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. And fast food is now widely spread in various countries. Indeed, this food has become one of the causes of rising obesity. Perhaps the mental block is still a major factor. We can't always have a athletic body, because getting older is a must. But at least, we have prepared some investment.

      Keep healthy, Grandma :)

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