Monday, January 7, 2013

What a Tiring Weekend

This weekend time is a very tiring weekend for me. It can be said that I have a very short break. Even when I wrote this post, my body still felt very tired. How not, on Saturday morning I started with the jogging activities for 45 minutes. I really have not done jogging outside the house, and yesterday was a sunny morning. Currently My town is in the rainy season, and the rain is very difficult to predict. I don't think that at Saturday, there will be my aunt and her children to my house. My mother was also staying at my house with my brother. My aunt has 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. All three of them are the children who are very over active. And my aunt's son is very close to my brother. When they get together, then my house would be felt as if there was a war, because they will continue to move and shout. Only at bed time they will be quiet.

feel so tired

The youngest kid of my aunts was very close to me. Philosia was her name, and she was almost 5 years old. There are unique to her. She would not want to be touched by people who yet take a bath, have a pungent body odor, or fart nearby her. So, even though she was close to me, but if I had not showered, then she will not want to get closer to me. Especially when I'm exercising or spending a lot of sweat. However, when she saw I was in the shower, so she will continue to be near me, and being spoiled with me.

Sunday morning is a "car free day" in my town. At half six in the morning, they've invaded my room to wake me. Of course they would like to invite me to go to the city center. However, I pretended not to wake up and hear them. I am still really tired this morning. But then, they were asked me to go to a children's playground in my town. I went with my aunt and my mother to accompany them. Following their every move, will only make our legs tired, but that must to be done. Because the Youngest definitely be upset if her wish not met. And when in the children's playground, the youngest and his brother fight, and of course we were  be a the center of attention. The youngest cried very loudly, even kicking chair.

After they were satisfied to play, then we went to lunch at a chicken restaurant. Indded, aunt and her children were really like with Chicken Steak, even in two weeks, they went to 4 different Steak House. And not a kid of my aunt if not make a fuss. In the restaurant they were fighting over food, and once again they became the center of everyone's attention. Even the waitress up laughing at them. After returning from lunch and got home, the aunt's son and my brother immediately took me to play football on a soccer fields in the city. Actually, my legs still feel tired. However, I had to obey them, because they constantly whine. Arriving at the field, not to 1 hour we played, it started raining and we went home.

Today it was raining very heavily. Even to the extent that a lot of roof that leaked. Of course this being my work home from a football field. My mother and my aunt went to church in the afternoon. Of course all the kids also go. I decided not to, because I really feel very tired. After returning from church, apparently they go home, because my uncle had to pick them up. I said to myself, "Thank God, at last I can really rest". Actually, I really like playing with kids, but my physical condition was very tired indeed. I even skipped my workout schedule for a bicep curl.

I also reject my schedule to hang out with my friends on Saturday night. Because it's very rarely my siblings gathered at Grandma's house. Although I already knew, when they all come together, I would definitely feel very tired. I don't know why they can keep moving without feeling fatigue, they are really like tiny cyborg. However, kids are kids, a period in which we can play happily. Because when I was a kid, my grandmother was told me if I was also like them. hehehe

Although I was tired, but I still feel happy. Besides, playing with children can also burn a lot of calories, right?

Keep healthy and happy, everyone. :)


  1. Yes, trying to keep up with kids is very tiring. Wait until you get my age and it's way more difficult. I'm glad you enjoyed them, but I happy that everyone went home too. Now you can rest your tired body. Perhaps a nice nap.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. Yes, I also ever imagined when I was not young anymore. But their smiles and happiness sometimes can treat the fatigue. Because kids are fun and adorable.

      Have a terrific day too, Grandma. :)

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