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About Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is one option attainment of beauty is very popular in recent decades. Plastic surgery is an operation carried out with the aim to improve the shape or function of certain body parts. For example, damage caused by burns, causing adhesions occurs in the joints, then plastic surgery was undertaken in order for the joint to function again. However, as the development of the times, there was a shift from the goal of this operation. The shifting goal turned into cosmetic surgery and physical construction surgery. Therefore, it's not surprisingly if this surgery is very popular performed by people who work in the entertainment world, such as artists and musicians. This operation also cost quite expensive. Uniquely, plastic surgery is not only done by women only, men who do it are also not uncommon.

Plastic surgery was introduced about two centuries ago. However, began to tune in around 1950 and 1960. Then, the number increasing and growing. Clearly, technological factors play a factor, because the level of sophistication and security of these operations is increasing. Despite the increasing sophistication, but plastic surgery still have a terrible risk. Risks that often happens is the risk of infection. This risk is usually occurs after surgery and probably not the fault of the doctor or due to deliberate. However, the infection can cause the patient to feel very sick and require them to undergo more surgery as a result of other complications.

Plastic surgery on the eyelids

Man is never satisfied. For the purpose of beauty, the reconstructive surgery is often done is Blepharoplasty. It is surgery of the eyelids in order to look younger and brighter. This operation is often performed on a swollen eye, the deep eyes, and looked tired. For example on a swollen eye, this condition can be corrected by removing fat around the eyes. In the deep eye conditions, surgery can be done by removing the excess skin so that the skin around the eyes becomes tighter. Even the surgery can make small eyes become wider.

Everyone has different goals in doing plastic surgery. Therefore, the procedure adopted by each person is also different. In some cases require cutting some skin, while also there are cases that require removal of fatty tissue around the eyes, and even some cases also require the intervention of the muscles that move the eye lids to attract the down eyelid . I myself was a very supportive natural beauty, and not agree with plastic surgery. But if it had to do plastic surgery, before you do it, you need to have careful planning. My advice, do not just involve a plastic surgeon, but you also need other specialists such as an ophthalmologist and dermatologist.

Blepharoplasty is also risky. Risks that may occur due to a small mistake examples are as follows:
  • Blindness. This risk arises due to bleeding in the fatty tissue around the eyes.
  • Blurred vision. This can happen because it is caused by irritation or swelling of the damage to the eye muscles.
  • Dry eyes. This result occurs because the eyelid can not close completely. Automatically, you will have difficulty to close my eyes.
  • Corneal erosion. This risk also occurs because the eye is not fully closed when operating procedure done.

Plastic surgery are much favored by women

Plastic surgery is often done by women is breast augmentation surgery, or also called mammaplasty augmentation . This operation is performed by placing an implant behind each breast to increase its volume and enhance its position. Indeed, the breast is a sensitive part of a woman is often used as the object of their confidence.

There are several types of implants that can be used. An example is the silicone gel-filled implants, with a smooth surface or a textured one, often used in breast augmentation. In the United States, most of them using a saline filled implant, which consists of silicone shell filled, which sterilized with salt water. In addition, there is also a combination of silicone gel gilled and saline filled  (siltex becker mentor).

However, the type of implant is the most widely used is the texture hydrogel implant. A chemical which is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. This breast implants are highly favored because it is available in various shapes and sizes. The form that became a favorite among women in the United States is a round shape. While the other forms that started a lot of rage is the contour profile. This form implant is considered a form that looks more natural. In addition, this implant requires only a small incision, because the implant will be filled by salt water after admission.

Every plastic surgery certainly a risk, no matter how you try to minimize the complications posed. Selection of the wrong implant will have a negative impact in the long term, the impact is affected by cancer. Whatever artificial beauty business women do, they will look beautiful when everything is natural (in my opinion). Because of something that is not natural, would not last long. In breast augmentation surgery, one day it will come times where you have to perform the operation again.

surgery procedure
In addition to breast augmentation surgery, the another surgery which is be the woman's favorite is the plastic surgery to reduce excess fat in the abdomen. This surgery is called a Tummy Tuck. The procedure is usually preceded by lipo suction. There are two types of tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck.
  • Mini tummy tuck is usually performed on people with an excess of 10% of ideal body weight. This operation is performed to reduce excess fat and skin in the abdomen.
  • Full tummy tuck is usually performed on people with excess body weight by 30%. In this operation, in addition to reducing excess fat and skin, as well as performed surgery to tighten the muscles.
Of course, this operation also has risks. For example, a permanent surgical scar, hematoma or bleeding under the skin, infection, swelling, risk of anesthesia, numbness, fat necrosis, and nerve damage may also occur.

Beauty is something that can not be separated from women. And there is no doubt that most men adore possessed physical beauty of women. However, often in ways that are harmful to health are also taken in order to achieve the term "a perfect beauty". In my opinion, the perfect beauty is a beauty obtained in a natural way. Besides, beauty also radiates not only from physical but also inner beauty should be something to consider. And all options are back to yourself. If the natural methods by undergo a healthy lifestyle can be done, so why should endanger yourself?

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  1. The natural way is indeed more beautiful. I'm happy that you are aware of that.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. That's very true. Natural beauty is the best.

      So, keep healthy, Grandma :D

  2. Today's women are more concerned about their beauty and physique. No wonder that Cosmetic Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck is getting popular.

    1. hat's right. Indeed, women can not be separated from the beauty. But they still have to be careful in taking steps.

      Thanks for stopping by, Emilie :)

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