Friday, January 18, 2013

Reading and Writing Will Keep Your Memory

writing and reading

Writing and reading are the basic things that we learned when we were children. Although today there are also people who can not read and write, they are the ones who may not have been fortunate to be able to earn a decent living just like you. Obviously, those of you who came to visit at this blog is a person who can read and most likely familiar with the technology. However, this time I won't discuss about that thing. We will discuss how great the benefits of reading and writing for the durability of our memory, especially when later we get older.

As we grew older, can't be denied that the function of the organs of our body will decrease. The decline was also experienced no exception on our brains. Even the brain is the organ most at risk include decreased function. We know the brain is the organ that regulates all our activities. Any memory of our actions are stored in it. We can think well, if our brain works well too.  Dementia is a common problem experienced by older people. However, whether we can avoid dementia? Of course we can reduce the risks. Decline in function, it must have happened. But, the effort that we can do is slow down the process. Like the bones that must be trained with weight training in order to stay strong. Our brains also need to be trained in order to keep functioning properly maintained.

When you get older and begin to retire from your job, your activities will also usually reduced drastically. That's what causes more rapid brain degeneration. Reading and writing is an activity that will be very useful for your brain if it conducted regularly and continuously

By reading, indirectly will make our brains react to what we read. Therefore, people who love to read, usually still have good brain function as they enter old age. It doesn't wrong if you fill your free time by reading newspapers or magazines. It would be better if you love to read these types of books are more severe, such as novels or other literary works. My grandmother, my father's mother, was the one who likes to read literary works. She also loved to play crossword puzzles. Thus, she has a vast knowledge, and I still got some advices from her. Unlike the grandmother who came from the mother. He did not like to read. Therefore, even though they both have the same age, but they have different levels of dementia.

blogging activity

Writing is an activity which in my opinion, one level more effective to prevent brain degeneration. Because writing is an activity that really makes the brain work. I myself would like to continue to write when I grow older. In addition to exercise and keep up with technology, I also really love to write. Today we can take advantage of technological developments. Blogs are a great medium for writing. Blog is a type of website that everyone can have it. Either by free or paid blog. By writing on a blog, we unconsciously be reviewing our memories and knowledge, then we put it in writing. If you really work as a writer, of course it will be excellent if you keep earning till old age. Therefore, I am very happy with the people who have retired, but has an active blogging activity as their pastime.

student learning
I believe, those who keep using their brain in old age, they are the ones who have a small risk of dementia. Writing and reading is a powerful way to cope it. Learning is an ongoing process, not just the process that is performed only when we were still be a student. So start reading right now, whatever your favorite reading. And write, whatever your media. Blog or a novel or a short story or whatever. Then, your memory will continue to be honed.


  1. Then I'll do very well. Hubby and I both are avid readers and we have books everywhere in our home. I'm also asked to write letters all the time in our yacht club. English was always a great subject for me. I used to do a lot of report writing when I was working and I also taught report writing. I agree with your assessment.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. Thanks for your agreement. I know you are a good reader, Grandma. It looks from your writings and comments. I am sure you have vast knowledge. It was so good for your memory recall.

      So, keep reading, keep writing, and keep healthy :)

  2. I'm just so glad to find out that my job (which requires me to read, write and argue practically everyday) is keeping my good memory even when I grow older. Thanks! :)

    1. Obviously, it's a very fun job. And it's good for you.

      You're welcome Diane. Keep healthy. :)

  3. That is very true..Reading and writing are both good for our brains because we expand the knowledge that we already have.I love to write and that is why i started a health blog.I always learned health related issues by myself and I love sharing them with others..keep on writing good articles..please check my blog and like my Facebook fan page.Cheers!!

    1. It's absolutely right. It will expand our knowledge. Let's share our knowledge with each other.

      Thank for stopping by, Justice. Keep writing :)

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