Monday, January 28, 2013

The Facts About Body Muscle

Muscle is the reason why we could move our bones. If you have good muscle shape, it will support your appearance and your strength. Dense and dry muscle is the dream of most of the sports and fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, the muscles become the object of a priority when we do exercise, especially weight training. However, often we do excessive exercise, so it makes our muscles do not develop properly. Therefore, it's important for us to know the facts about our body muscle first, so that we get to know more about it. Consider the following facts:

The injured muscle is good

When we do exercise by lifting weights or push-ups, in fact it will create microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. Then the muscle will send a signal to the nearest cell to move. These cells are quickly forming proteins in the damaged part, and the improvement process will result in developing muscle. Therefore, if we lack the protein, the muscles are damaged would be difficult to repair. And we will feel the difference the new muscle that we practiced for about a week after doing the exercises.

3 types of muscle

In our body, there are three types of muscle: cardiac muscle contained in the liver, smooth muscles lining the organs such as the stomach, and skeletal muscle that attach to bones via tendons. The skeletal muscle is a type of muscle which do the most work. Muscles are taking part in 30-40% of your body weight. This is the kind of muscle you see standing out in the body of a bodybuilder. But, the strongest muscle of the body is the masseter muscle used for chewing

Muscle growth period

When we were kids, the muscle will grow naturally and the numbers continue to grow. But when we are entering puberty then number was fixed and did not grow by itself again. In fact, the strength of a person's body can be seen from the large of their muscle fibers. The larger the muscle fibers, showing how powerful the more you look.

Muscles can be tightened

Each muscle fiber is not created equal. There is a kind of slow-twitch muscle, there is also a twitching rapidly. The number of both types of muscle are determined by genes. To train the muscles are slow, it can be done with weight training routine.

Muscles have IQ

When you do an exercise of martial arts, and use your legs to kick with powerful, then the brain will send signals to nerve cells, telling the muscles in the arm, back, center, and feet to make the contraction. During exercise, the brain and the muscles will often communicate, and you become more coordinated.

Hormones in the development of muscle

When men do lift weights, testosterone will produce more, and this will make the enlarged muscle fibers. That's why women will not have the muscle of man. So what if she wants it? So they spend all of their time to train harder and give special nutrition.

Who is stronger, men or women?

The men known to be more powerful than women, because they have more muscle. Research also shows that 50% of muscle men are stronger than women. But when they are factoring weight with muscle weight, they found that women were more powerful than men. This was disclosed by Wayne Westcott Ph.D., CSCS

Why does it seem so difficult to workout?

For years, scientists thought that the burning sensation is the result of the body that produce lactic acid, which causes the body to rest while too hard workout. But the University of California discovered the real reason why the muscles undergo combustion. While indeed it was caused by the burning of lactic acid, the body is not resting while doing exercises. The harder you workout, the body will use lactate as an energy source more efficiently. This means you have to do it longer and harder.

Muscular body parts that provide ideal posture

Someone said to have a good body shape if they have good muscle shape form on : Muscle Leg, Thigh Muscles, Abdominal Muscles, Muscle Backs, Chest Muscles, Shoulder Muscles, Muscle Arm (bicep and Tricep).

Hopefully the information about the facts of the muscles of the above can be useful for you. So you can treat your muscles properly and not arbitrary. Keep everyone healthy :D


  1. I'm 61 years old and my doctor is very proud of the way I eat and exercise. He says I'm a thin senior and to keep doing what I'm doing.

    Muscles are indeed a good thing to keep strong. It also helps when you get old. Less injuries if you're in shape.

    Have a terrific day my Grandson. :)

    1. I was also proud of you. "Senior Thin"?? it's a good nickname, hehehe :)
      Absolutely, muscle exercise will be very beneficial as we grow older.

      Keep Healthy and Stronger Grandma. :D

  2. One way to achieve great results in working out is to understand the facts about our muscles in the body. It is interesting to know that muscles have have IQ too. :)

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