Friday, January 4, 2013

Diet For Children, Why Not?

My little sister asking diet
As many people know, that children need good nutrition to support their development period. Therefore, it's not surprising if a lot of parents are happy when their children eat very heartily. If the child is very difficult to eat, so the parents will always think of how to get their kids to eat well. But there is one thing that I think is quite strange, that not infrequently the parents are happy and proud to see their child has a chubby body. Many parents conclude the chubby body means indicated that their children eat well. What we must know is that obesity not only occur in adults, but can also occur in children. Maybe your chubby child is eating a lot, but you also have to ask, "Does my child have got good and proper nutrition for their growth?".

Indeed, children need to eat that much, but that doesn't mean parents don't have to consider what type of nutrition for their children. Healthy lifestyles can be applied at an early age. In addition to the nutritional needs for growth can be fulfilled, the children will also be used with a healthy diet. In order to run the optimal development of children, so parents must also provide proper nutrition. Actually, invites children to live healthy, much easier than invite adults. Because adults have a period of doing their habits are much longer than the kids. And also, the brains of children still have enough room to be filled with positive teachings.

A child eating spaghetti
Toddlers or children at the age of 1-6 years is the golden age for brain tissue to develop properly. Therefore, it's mandatory for parents to provide good nutrition. As I said earlier, that apply a healthy diet in children is not difficult. Because food for children can be made with a more varied. The kids loved the attractive display. Therefore, fruits and vegetables are sources of food that has a variety of colors, so you can make a variety of shapes and color combinations from fruits and vegetables. Many of the children who love junk food. When I watched my siblings are still kids, they love junk food because it looks really interesting. And it's not uncommon that parents often give junk food to their children, because they just think in order to their children want to eat a lot.

Children also need nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium and iron as well as adults. Even children have more servings. When the children were 1 year old, parents would rather give instant baby food. But it's not a problem to give a kind of family food for them, but must be presented with a softer texture. Children also will be better if given the kind of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Just like diet for adult, the diet in children would also be better if divided into 5-6 meals. Because children still need the extra calories.

Protein and Fat

Of course, toddlers will require protein to support thier muscle development at an early age. Dose of protein needed by children should be more than adults, because their muscles are still growing rapidly naturally. Therefore it's very important to give them foods containing essential amino acids. Sources of protein can also be obtained from meat, fish, dairy, and nuts. However, it would be better if the source of protein derived from fish such as tuna and salmon, because they contain a type of super protein.

When adults avoid fat in their milk products, it's contrary to the children. Don't give children fat-free milk. Fats can provide extra calories, and the kids need it. Although children need more fat content, but the parents still have to choose the type of good fat. Therefore, children are also better to avoid fried foods, because it will give more saturated fat and cholesterol. The food was boiled and baked remains the best option.

Calcium and Iron

Growth is closely associated with bone. Therefore, children should get enough food for their bones. Type of mineral that is needed by the bones is calcium. Calcium is one of the nutrients required to be met in the diet for children. Milk and green vegetables such as spinach are good sources of calcium.

Spinach also contains iron needed by the children. The sufficiency is recommended for children 2-6 years was 4.7 mg / day, and this need will continue to increase with age. Protein should be joined with the iron to form hemoglobin in red blood cells. Apart from spinach, we can obtain iron from eggs and chicken livers.

a child was eating

If you want your child to spend their food, then it would be better if they were accustomed to eat at the table with no TV, no video games, or other toys. Let them spend their food before they do any other activity. So, whether you are still asking "Are children allowed on a diet?" The answer is of course "Yes they are". If you want your children to grow and develop well, then you have to teach them a healthy diet from an early age. Don't be proud of your child's chubby body, because it means you haven't successfully provide good nutrition for them. So, diet for children, why not?

Have a healthy family, everyone :)


  1. I think this is essential in them learning about proper diet and exercise. You teach them from the beginning and bad habits are less likely to happen. I think this is excellent advice.

    Have a terrific day and weekend my grandson. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Grandma.
      Have a terrific weekend too and keep healthy :-)

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