Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Challenge is Called Discipline

Discipline, discipline, and discipline is a requirement that must be met if we want to succeed in getting something. Discipline is not something easy to do, because it requires a consistency. Moreover, if someone sets a high goal, so they also had to increase their level of discipline. Consistency is closely associated with discipline, so if we are able to be consistent, it will make it easier to implement a discipline. In fact, in order to maintain a consistency itself is very difficult. Motivation and high morale will be very important role. However, it is a challenge that must be faced, because discipline is a challenge.

Discipline is the key

Discipline is the key for us to obtain a high achievement. Lionel Messi didn't magically become a best footballer. He is implementing a high discipline in his work. Likewise with Pele, Valentino Rossi, or Roger Federer. To be the world class athlete, they need discipline. A success can not be achieved just by dreaming in silence, but also requires an action. Actions taken must also not arbitrary, because it takes hard work and discipline.

When you implement a disciplined, the biggest challenge you will face is boredom. Laziness is already a common problem, but boredom is also a challenge. To be an "expert", then you need to exercise regularly and continuously. When we do the same thing every day, maybe it's boredom was ready to confront you.

However, what we are talking about here is a discipline in a healthy lifestyle, particularly healthy diet and regular exercise. Because of the principle to achieve a good healthy living and optimal same as another success. We should not just dreaming and dreaming, but we have to "do it". Most of us are breaking the rules of our own, because we can not control our passions. So, if you want to acquire the discipline of a healthy life, then the first step you should do is to master yourself. You have to control your lust, not just the lust which is control you.

You may not expect an instant results. Discipline requires a process that is not a moment, because it requires an adjustment. We need not expect to be able to do the perfect thing according to what has been what we have planned. While what we do anyway in accordance with the direction of our goals (in this case is a healthy living), so you have to keep patience in the process of adaptation. Let the pattern of discipline into your daily habits. Because the discipline of one thing usually also be transmitted to other things. Surely transmitted to positive things.

To keep you motivated, then there should be a means of support to help you as a reminder. You can make little notes that you can see at any time as a reminder to you to maintain discipline. I myself use this blog as a means to guard my motivation. I also still have a little difficulty in maintaining my level of discipline. So this blog is very useful as a reminder of me. Because every time I opened this blog, so I will remember all the goals and efforts I have done.

So, do you dare to face this challenge?
Keep healthy everyone :)


  1. You are spot on my Grandson. Discipline is the key to succeeding in anything. What do you want to accomplish, how are you going to accomplish it and lastly the discipline to accomplish. Got to follow the plan to succeed. You can apply this in every aspect of your life.

    Have a terrific day my special Grandson. :)

    1. That's right Grandma. We have to put a sense of discipline in every aspect of our lives.

      Have a terrific day too, my special Grandma, hehehe :)

  2. I too use my blog to keep me accountable for my own disciplined routines. Contrary to what you have said, I don't find a disciplined routine boring, in fact I thrive on routines especially one that's balanced. It keeps me mentally and physically happy. Once that balance becomes interrupted, I always feel a bit lost.

    That said, sometimes having change and spontaneity is also good.

    1. It's great if you don't feel bored, because we do have to have a sense of happiness in a disciplined lifestyle. Maybe you are someone who does have the mentality of discipline, and it was excellent.

      Thanks for your very nice comments, Hui. Always keep healthy :)

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