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Tips For Beginners Who Practice Yoga

The biggest problem that we often face in doing something new is a pessimist before trying. When we're feeling pessimistic, in fact we would lose before the fight. In the world of health and fitness, we must continue to feel optimistic and have a positive attitude. So that we can get the best results. This article is addressed to those of you who want to start practicing yoga. I want to share my experience about practicing yoga, because I was a beginner in yoga practice.

Yoga is an activity that is more than just exercise. Even yoga have existed long long before you were born. When you actually have the intention to join a yoga class, or want to learn yoga by self-taught, then not only physical factors that you should be prepared. You also have to prepare mentally and have enough knowledge. Remember! to dispose of all your negative thoughts.

thinking yoga

Open your mind

Yoga is an art of classical physical exercise. You must open your mind to be able to establish a good mentality. It would be better if you throw away first all of your life problems. Leave your thoughts into a clean mind when we want to start practicing. We shouldn't think that yoga is an ancient type of exercise, and less relevant today. You should never underestimate yoga if you want to really learn it. Forget all your doubts and excessive expectations, then gradually you will get the benefits. In fact there are some people who think that yoga is a forbidden activity, as they relate to a particular religion. Of course we must be critical in addressing this opinion. Therefore, an open mind will be very important.

Don't worry about your body shape

Perhaps many of you who think that yoga can only be done by people who have a lean and athletic body. We should not think like that, because yoga can be done by everyone. We know that the one of our goals practicing yoga is to erode the body fat. The people often you see as the image model of yoga are the ones who practice diligently, they didn't suddenly can do that movements. Perhaps these people, at first also had full body fat.

And often we saw some of yoga pictures, that these images show a difficult movements. Because the movement is probably the upper level movements. For you are a beginner, you should try to move from the basic level. You don't need to afraid if you aren't currently have the flexibility of the body, because by itself it will be formed if we practice regularly and routinely. Sure, it can be a challenge for us, so that one day we can do the difficult movements that require a high level of flexibility.

Choosing a suitable type of yoga

When you want to start practicing yoga, and join a yoga class, it's a good idea to choose one type of flow yoga that you will focus on. There are many types of yoga flow, I don't know how many exactly, because yoga is also experiencing growth at any time. However, when I first practiced yoga, I prefer Hatha yoga, because this flow is a type of yoga that I first heard and it's quite common. Here are some examples of the flow of yoga that can be chosen by beginners.

yoga exercise

Hatha Yoga
This stream focuses on techniques asana (postures), pranayama (breath though), bandha (locks), mudras (gestures), and deep relaxation. Hatha goal is to maintain body balance alarm with five principles of yoga practice (Regularly practiced, breathe deep, well-balanced diet, adequate rest, positive thinking and meditation). This technique is very effective for reducing stress and train your concentration. At first, hatha yoga are very similar to meditation.

Bikram Yoga
This yoga is an unique type, because it must be done in a room temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The place to practice is like a sauna which aims to make the body expend a lot of sweat, and aims to improve blood circulation. Bikram yoga consists of 26 poses performed systematically. This type of yoga is suitable for you who like to work up to sweat very much. Bikram yoga course is not suitable for those who have sensitivity to heat, and hypertension. For those of you who are experiencing an injury, is also not recommended to do bikram yoga.

Asthanga Yoga
System training on asthanga divided into 6 series of asana. Starting from a low level of difficulty, moderate, and higher. The advantage of this system is that we can practice in accordance with our respective capabilities. But for a beginner, it would be better if the movements are determined by the instructor. Asthanga yoga performed non-stop at high enough speeds. Thus, proper regulation of breath is also required. This type of yoga would be very much to burn calories and expend a lot of sweat. When we are proficient with these movements, don't keep on expecting guidance from the instructor. Maybe this flow is also suitable for those who practice self-taught.

So everyone, don't ever hesitate if you have a desire to practice yoga. Trust me, it would be a lot of benefits that we will get. Remember to always think positive! Keep healthy :)


  1. Exactly, you are doing this for you and no one else. I say go for it. Do what suits you and you'll succeed.

    Have a terrific day my Grandson. :)

    1. Yeaah Grandma, thanks very much. Sorry too late to reply.

      Have great day and keep healthy :)

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