Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Don't Punish Yourself When on a Diet

A healthy diet is something nice, keep it in your mind again. A healthy diet is not torture, it's not make you sick, and it doesn't harm you. And the one most important thing that should always be understood, that the diet does not reduce the size of the meal, but changing to become more balanced nutrition. Mental block is still a common problem and often I have encountered in the community.

Don't punish yourself

According to the eating habits, there are two types of people. The first is the person who does not care about their diet. And the second is the one who always pay attention to their diet. People who do not care about their diet, obviously they will have an increased risk of health problems is higher. However, Whether people who have noticed on their diet were guaranteed have better health?? The answer is not necessarily.

According to the results I observed in everyday life, especially among the general public, people who done the wrong diet method were more than the people who run a healthy diet correctly. Even people who work in the health field though, not a few of them are not running a healthy life.

Not a few of people who think that a healthy lifestyle as a terrible thing. As if they were in a military training center that implemented strictly. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with the tormented heart, it won't give positive results. When we were in military training, then we make a mistake, it's likely we will get a punishment. However, a healthy diet program is in contrast to military training. When we break the rules of our diet, we should not punish ourselves.

A healthy diet should be the pattern of our everyday life, as a basic rule of our eating habits. However, sometimes there is a situation that inadvertently make us have to take another path. Perhaps in the diet, you really avoid eating junk food. However, because there is a situation that requires you to eat junk food, so you break the rule. Don't take that as a huge mistake, so then you punish yourself. I also met some of my friends who are running the diet program, especially women, when they ate junk food, and then they punish themselves by not eating for a few days and exercise excessively.

When we punish ourselves, it means we assume that diet as something that curb. There are also some people who apply the "Cheating Day" or a holiday on the middle of diet program. They took one day as a gift from their diets. They make a rule, for example, every Sunday they are free to eat whatever they want. The reality is much more difficult to burn calories rather than burn calories. We can eat 1000 calories in 1 hour, but we can take 5 hours to burn. Instead of 5 hours, 1 hour exercise alone you have been very exhausted.

I myself have never felt guilty when I had to eat a plate of junk food. However, I still realized that the food I eat is not good. Remember! Everything is have a limit. The key is self-control. When we do not consider it as an error, then we should not be complacent, and continue to break the rules. It all depends on you. Because implementing a healthy diet will train control our passions, and make us more able to be critical.

So, keep maintain your health, everyone.


  1. I eat pretty healthy year around. I do eat junk food now and then too. I never feel guilty when I do because I know that tomorrow is another day and I won't be eating junk food. Also, my doctor is very happy with me and calls me a thin female. I take that as a very big compliment.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. And I hope your good pattern keep continue. Yes, the most important is that you stay healthy and good body shape is a bonus. Do not ever feel guilty when you have to eat junk food.

      Keep healthy, Grandma. :)

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