Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Message From A Friend

Today I get a text message from a college friend of mine, Albert. He was my best friend when i was active in the student organization. It seems, been a while we did not meet. Let alone meet, over the phone or social media, we very rarely communicate to each other. But suddenly this afternoon he sent a short message content, "Apparently, diet program using oatmeal was very effective for my weight loss" I immediately smiled when I read the message. I remember, it was the last time we talked together, when we talk about belly fat. And he surprised with my thinner body. Then I tell him the steps I took, especially about the oatmeal, which I take as a principal source of carbohydrate.

Then we continued our conversation via text message. He said that his father was sentenced to suffer from diabetes, so his father had to undergo a healthy diet. So, increase again the people who suffer from diabetes, and it comes from my close relatives. Indeed, a diabetic should change their diet pattern, if they does not want the disease eating away their body. Staple food in my country is white rice, while white rice is one type of simple carbohydrate that could be one factor causing diabetes. Thus, the father of Albert replace his staple food into oatmeal. At first, it is quite difficult to change the habit. But after getting used, it can provide very positive results.

Indeed, Albert had felt anxious about his belly condition. Because many of our friends are when they graduate college and entering the workforce, then their bodies grew fat. Albert was ever told me, that his weight had increased. So he lured to follow the diet as his father did. He was also consuming oatmeal, and the results were successfully dropped weight by 3 kg for 1 month. Albert was the person who rarely exercise. He doesn't have the endomorph body shape, so he was not easily fat. However, when people are really in an irregular diet,  the fat can be very easy to accumulate. Especially when a young man had graduated from college, then the activity will tend to decline. Even an owner of ectomorph body will also have excess fat around the stomach, or just have an enlarged stomach, while other body parts are not.

Somehow, now I will feel very happy when I heard someone change the pattern of their life into a healthier lifestyle. In fact I would be very happy to give some suggestions, although I did not take an advantage from it. Especially when it comes from family or my friends. It feels like there is a certain satisfaction.

Disease doesn't know age. Anyone and any time, you could have been stricken with a terrible disease, if you have an unhealthy habit. No exception for diabetes. Diseases previously known to only attack the middle-aged, but it's now not uncommon to young people who also have diabetes. Even people with the disease is likely to increase each year with increasing levels of obesity in the world. If people who were thin it can be exposed to the disease of diabetes, then it is likely it will be multiplied when they have a fat body.

There is no harm in living a healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is resist your carnality, and acting out of your habit. My friend above made ​​aware through her ​​father's condition. However, whether we have to wait for the disease to come first, then we have to start to live healthy? Should not we prevent than cure?


  1. Some people cannot eat healthy. They just won't do it. They will wait until something happens and then change their diet until they feel better then right back to their old habits. I know a couple that are hugely fat and they have an awful diet filled with fatty and unhealthy foods. It's a shame.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. That's what worries me. If they wait for the disease to come, what if they were not given a chance to fix it?

      So, keep healthy Grandma Sandee.

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