Friday, January 18, 2013

Joking With a Smoker

Smoker joke
For a heavy smoker, it's very difficult to leave the habit of smoking. Need a really strong motivation  to be able to escape it. They actually already know that smoking is something that is detrimental to health. However, they will endeavor to provide a wide range of reasons for self-defense. I have many friends who smoke. In fact, every time gather together, sometimes only me who did not smoke. They all love to joke. There are so many ridiculous arguments that made me laugh. Even the joke was as if giving a positive impression on cigarettes. So, let's joke with a smoker.
  1. There is an argument that has spread widely in general, that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than active smokers. So, you better be active smokers.
  2. We never met a murderer, a thief, or someone who fights while smoking. So, we can be sure that smokers are a good person. Therefore, smoking is capable of avoiding evil deeds.
  3. Reducing mortality. Did you ever meet people died while being in a position to smoke?
  4. Improving our good deeds. Because smokers will often lend their lighter. It would improve help each other, especially among fellow smokers.
  5. Adding a sense of familiarity. Many men who gather together and then share their cigarette with each other. Smoking is also suitable as preamble.
  6. You know that cigarettes provide jobs for tobacco farmers. But in fact, smoking is also providing jobs for employees of hospitals, nurses, doctors, and cough medicine factory.
  7. Office workers who smoke will have a greater risk that cigarette make a hole on their dress. Therefore, smoking can make us quickly have a new dress.
  8. Create such an atmosphere in the countryside on the air conditioning room, because the smoke seemed to make the room foggy.
  9. Train your patience. For beginners who want to smoke, they should be permitted to practice with the right patient, because at first they would coughing and choking.
  10. Used as an indicator of health. When you're sick, then you will be banned from smoking. So, people who smoke are in healthy condition.
  11. Adding coffee enjoyment, because smoking is the right coffee friend. (In fact the reality, they were the perfect combination so that you contract the deadly disease)
  12. Adding style of a cowboy in the movies. A cowboy would look cool if they act while smoking. Imagine if they act while eating a banana.
  13. No one is willing to accompany us during defecation, but the cigarette agreed to accompany a smoker by faithfully.
  14. As the inspiration to create a final assignment for a college student.
But it was a joke guys. Whatever the reason, smoking is not good for your health. Please don' try this at home. hehehe :)

Hopefully entertain you. And keep healthy everyone.


  1. Smoking is very, very bad for your health, not to mention that you smell like an ashtray all the time too. I'm glad I don't smoke.

    Have a terrific day my grandson. :)

    1. I'm glad you have such an opinion. But maybe some smokers will still keep growing their arguments. Included with silly reasons above.

      Have a healthy day, Grandma :D

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