Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep Exercising and Keep Working

It did not feel the time is running very fast. It seems like yesterday new year 2013 has just begun, but even this time, January is almost gone. And one more thing that surprised me, that I actually work at a company that handles the health sector in terms of technology. Working in the health sector is one of my new year resolutions, right?. I am working in a company from Germany, but it also has several branches in my country, Indonesia. Indeed, the company is not purely talking about health, but at least it offered a healthy life in the form of technology solutions to support health. Currently I am still undergoing the training work, and it will run for 3 weeks. I wish I could develop my knowledge and skills here, because I met many great people.

Keep exercising and keep working

Working at this company certainly has its challenges. One such challenge is time. The division of time is one of my homework. A lot of people are busy, and dissolve in their work routines. So that many of those who forget to take care of their own health. I realized, when later I've actually worked in full, I would have had a more limited time. Maybe I could go home until the evening. On the other hand, I must keep exercising regularly. Of course I don't want to if my work makes me not able to keep exercising. Therefore, it is very important to think of strategies that we can still exercise, but also to keep working properly.

Exercising doesn't have to be done in the afternoon

We can see that it's not uncommon a Gym also filled by people at night. I once asked them, that some of those who workout in the evening due to the work reasons. Yes, from here I conclude that the exercise can be done flexible. Many people think that exercise is only performed in the afternoon only. In fact it's an ancient statement, because exercise can be done anytime, as long as still within the bounds of reasonableness. Practicing at night is not a problem, as long as we also continue to regulate the intake of our nutrients, and our bedtime. If you want to burn fat, you can also do cardio in the morning. Jogging in the morning can also make us more fresh to face challenges in the office where we work.

Don't ever force yourself to exercise

One more thing needs to be noted, that if our bodies are not able to exercise, so don't push our body to exercise. If we work hard enough at the office, maybe we actually have a lot to burn calories while working. Unless the jobs just sit in a chair looking at a computer screen. In reality, only our own who really knows the condition of our bodies. Avoid push yourself, so it does not make us be an athletica nervosa sufferer.

Create a schedule of activities

We need to create a schedule, so we can actually regulate our activities. Sometimes the work is unpredictable, it could be we are faced with work piling up and forced us to overtime. Therefore we also have to learn to be smart in the rotating schedule. I myself have some rotation schedule, because I had to adjust my work schedule. Usually, I didn't exercise on Sundays. But now I put Sunday in the list of my workout time.

Work is an obligation for us to be able to earn an income. Without working, we can't live. However, a healthy life is also a mandatory requirement all humans. We could not really enjoy our wealth, if we keep sickly. Therefore, we still need to exercise regularly and maintain our health. So keep working, keep exercising, and keep healthy everyone.


  1. Excellent advice. As long as you do what you love to do then that is the secret. I don't do exercises that I hate. I don't do them the same time everyday. I don't pressure myself one bit. That's most helpful as the bottom line is...You must exercise for a healthier life.

    Have a terrific day my Grandson. :)

    1. Absolutely, the key is as long as we feel good, then everything will taste good too. Thanks Grandma.

      Have a terrific day too :)

  2. The third advice is worth considering since everything starts with good time management. This can also help one to focus on his or her goals.

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