Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Reflect a Personality

healthy lifestyle reflect a personality
What I feel now is how hard it is to invite people to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is very difficult to make them understand the importance of healthy living. Yes, indeed leading a healthy lifestyle is something tricky. However, when we already understand the essence, this would actually be fun. Currently, people who are obese tend to grow each year, both by children or adults. I even thought, it looks like a healthy lifestyle needs to be a common lesson in school, so that healthy living can be inculcated early. In fact, it was often said that prevention is better than cure, wasn't it?

girls who are reading food nutritions

Living a healthy lifestyle is an art to regulate our passions. People who undergo it must be able to regulate his desires. Even this might have the same difficulty level or even more when we are fasting in the rules of any religion. Therefore, I see people who run a healthy lifestyle reflects her personality that is not easily affected by lust. Of course this is a good personality.

Especially seeing the people who lead a healthy lifestyle consistently, even from young age to old age. That means they have instilled it for a long time, and has awakened a solid foundation to live a healthy lifestyle. Because to undergo a consistency is very difficult thing. That means they've been a long time in doing exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. One more thing to be learned, that the people who lead a healthy lifestyle for a long time, meaning they have loyalty. Maybe it was very influential on other aspects of their lives, such as for example in relation to marriage or employment. Currently I have very rarely come across people who have a high loyalty.

Vegetarians also have a personality that I admire. Especially people who aren't a natural vegetarian, that is, those who had previously not vegetarian then turned into a vegetarian. Including for the monks. I do have the desire to become a vegetarian (not that I want to be a monk, hehehe), but it seems difficult to me to make it happen. In leading a healthy lifestyle now, I still often find it difficult. The biggest temptation is when I get together with my friends, because of "a feeling of wanting to respect them". Because among of my closest friends today, probably just me who lead a healthy lifestyle. And I hope that later on, not just me who will do it.
Obese people

When people invited to live a healthy lifestyle, at the first time, most of people will only imagine the difficulties that would be obtained. They imagine they will not be able to eat their favorite foods anymore, they should take the time to exercise, and it will take them time. How difficult was it to set aside 30 minutes in one day? I saw people who have an increased belly fats, precisely because they only have little activity. Laziness, is a common problem that occurs in all fields. Of course the majority of people doing a healthy lifestyle and regularly exercise are not a slackers.

I don't mean to offend anyone. This article is just my opinion of what I often see in the reality of life. Keep healthy :)


  1. That last picture is awful. I'd starve myself if I looked like that. Oh wait, I wouldn't look like that. How awful.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Oh ... i hope you never looked like that. I wish all the readers of this blog will be given awareness for a healthier life.

      keep healthy. :)

  2. quite an interesting read. Even i find it pretty difficult to lead a healthy life. My laziness is the real problem :) will have to seriously think about leading a healthy life style.

    1. Yeah, it's a common problem, but i hope you can try to do that. At least, teach your family to live a healthier life. But indeed, the best teaching is by example
      Thanks for stopping by, Jahid. :)

  3. “Living a healthy lifestyle is an art to regulate our passions.”— This passage really got me away! It is like putting our lives in order. But of course, keeping motivated can be difficult. That’s why it’s good to have someone that can push you to meet your goals.

    Audie Tiller

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