Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Are Many Women Who Love Fat Men?

Until now I still have not found a satisfactory answer about my question "Why are many women who love fat men? '. I'm still confused with my friends that protest that me is too thin, and wanted me to get fat again. Whether they do not like my weight porposional?? Or they do not like me to have sixpack? is it wrong for someone to start to live healthy?. People who have a healthy lifestyle, proper exercise and proper diet, certainly will not have a fat body. Conversely, people who eat a nonsense, and has little activity, will certainly hoard more fat in the body. If I remember the struggle that must be done to get rid of my body fat is, it will not be easy to make me willing to restore my fat body.

Yesterday, I was also met with my male friend, who FORMERLY have sufficient porposional body, and he is also diligent exercise, but this time he had a distended abdomen.
When I asked, "Why are you getting CONTAIN?" (hehehe),
Then he replied "My girlfriend likes my body fat".
Hmmm ... I muttered "Again, women are the cause". (Peace girls ^ ^ v).

However, that's exactly what happened to some of my female friends, especially in Indonesia. Many of them are happy with the fat man. Perhaps the cause is a lack of awareness of health. Maybe they think that fat guy looks like doll fun to be pinched. Or maybe they think fat men are more loyal because only a few women are love them, so it is not easy for a fat man for cheating. Or maybe they had realized that men who are obese have a lot of disease, then quickly die, so they quickly change partners? And if he is rich, then it will also quickly get his inheritance money. (hehehe, just kidding again ^^v ).

Therefore, I appeal to all women in the world who like the fat man, and the women who love their boyfriend or husband to be fat. If you tell your spouse to be obese, which means you also told us the men to have a lot of diseases. Storing excess fat is synonymous with increased risk of developing various diseases. If you love your man, why do not you just tell them to live healthier. If you do not like a man lean, it is better to tell them to shape their muscles. So that they will look more muscular, would not that be more beautiful? And once again, men are not teddy bear.

So, keep healthy :)


  1. I'm not one of those women. I don't love fat men one bit. No way. I'm not fat and I don't want a fat man. My hubby isn't fat.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. I am very happy with your comment, Grandma Sandee.
      He was very lucky person to be your husband.

      have a terrific day too :)

  2. Haha I'm sorry that people want you to gain weight. Keep your health.

    But as for why a lot of women like chubbier man, it really is the teddy bear effect. It's safe and cute and let men appear as actual people not model-like fictional beings. I guess it's something to do with self-confidence. One might feel insecure when a man is so fit, maybe too fit and pretty even.
    Obese is not chubby though. It's just stupid to want someone to be obese and sick. It's like giving candy and burgers to a baby.

    1. Hahaha, it's no problem. I'll try to keep it.
      Yes, "Teddy bear" is a cause that I often thought. Because many women who love the teddy bear. However I think this is all just an ignorance only. The reality is, people who have a healthy diet, he definitely will not be fat.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kat. :)

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