Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exercising Is An Activity That Damage The Body

Wait a minute, don't negatively prejudiced in advance with the title of my article. Or even, then you feel regret because of exercise that you have done. Or also you may think I'm joking, because obviously exercise is closely related to health. But in fact, exercising is an activity that will damage our body cells, reducing the body fluids, and make our body creates many of free radicals. In order that the facts are not really harming our bodies, then we should know that exercise should be accompanied by other activities as neutralizers. The activity is a healthy diet. Thus the exercise must be combined with a combination of a healthy diet, so that we get a good benefit from the exercise, not the opposite.

illustration of exercising with dumbell

Sometimes I think that a healthy diet without exercise is better than just exercise without a healthy diet. But clearly, doing both would certainly give better results. Because frankly, they were like the couple "romeo and juliet",  that are difficult to separate in order to have a healthy and ideal body shape.

Damage the muscles of the body

Exercising is damaging cells of the body, even damage the muscle. That's the true essence of a physical exercise. As you want to change the shape of your homes, you have to ruin it first, so then you can reshaping your house by using the combination of cement - a brick - and paint, so you can make your house be more beautiful . So when we damage the muscles of our body, we also have to fix it again by eating foods that contain nutrients that are good. Remember! protein is the main food of our muscles, whey protein is one such example. But we also must not forget the other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats. When we do exercise, we are going to run out of glycogen in the muscles, and therefore we must immediately consume rapidly absorbed glucose/carbohydrate, such as banana or papaya . Because if not immediately returned, then the muscle will shrink.

Loss of body fluids

As often as we all know, water is a very important component. Because, when you exercise, especially heavy exercise, the body will lose a lot of fluid. Therefore we shall replace it, if we do not want to become dehydrated. When you exercise heavily for more than 40 minutes, then you must consume isotonic drinks, to return the body ions. What is clear, immediately replace your water intake to keep your body hydrated.

The formation of free radicals

Apparently, doing heavy exercise, will make our body creates a lot of free radicals. We know that free radicals cause a lot of damage in our body that cause the aging. So you will need foods that contain Anti Oxidant to ward off free radicals, which are foods that contain lots of vitamin A, E and C.
Many of us who say that, "I have been doing regular exercise, so I'm free to eat my favorite foods". What if your favorite foods are high cholesterol foods? Do you know this formula:

Free Radical + High Cholesterol = Rapid Plaque in the artery

Yes, when free radicals met with cholesterol, it will lead to the formation of plaques in blood vessels quickly. Obviously this will cause circulatory problems. Stroke and heart attack is an example of the result of the blood circulation is not smooth.

Once you know the truth. Do you still think that exercise alone is more important than a healthy diet? Exercise is very important, but we should not make our own rules that is inconsequential, so then we aren't actually get such a bad thing. A healthy diet with regular exercise is the best combination. So, be thoughtful toward your body. :)


  1. This is very true. You are right on the money here. Good for you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Thanks Mrs Sandee.. have a terrific day too.

      Stay healthy :)

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