Monday, November 19, 2012

Your Health Is Not Just For Yourself

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Humans are social beings, we are creatures who always interact with others, and we always need other people in our lives. Even when you are an individualist people, the clothes you wear is a result of the creation of any other person, as are also the foods that you buy, and all the products you use. Everything we do will have an impact on our surroundings. When we did not shower and has particularly pungent body odor, of course this will make the people around us are closing their nose. When a student is lazy to study, and then he got a bad score in lesson, of course it would make his parents were disappointed, and would provide additional work for the teacher to guide him better. It was only a few examples, there are still very very very much, actions that we do that affect to the others without our realizing it and want to understand, especially the act gives bad effects.

crying baby
Here I write about my thoughts, that the health we have is also affects others, especially our families. In general, whether a man or woman would want to marry and have a family, and of course want to have children. Have you ever thought that a health condition that you have today, will affect your offspring? When people who have a disabled child, then a lot of them blame God, and also many of them who do not accept the condition. We must realize that most of it is the parents fault, because the parents are who became media and cause the babies born in the world. Therefore, the health condition of the parents will affect their children. If the father or mother is addicted to cigarettes, have an unhealthy lifestyle, love to eat haphazardly, of course this will provide greater potential to have offspring who has a physical disability or a mental disability.
That became my focus here is only on the family, I invite you to understand how important your health, not only for yourself but also for your family. Because I observe around me, a lot of people from the upper socio-economic groups would have a quality offspring that are no better than those from lower socioeconomic groups. The reason is the lack of health awareness. People with upper socioeconomic level, think that they have been prosperous and can eat anything they want all day, but instead of thinking that is the destroyer of health. In fact there are many people who think if body fat is a sign they are experiencing prosperity. So they think the body fat is good. And it's more common in people age 23 to 27 years, where they have completed their college and then work to achieve a successful career.

The solution is clear, namely by increasing the awareness of healthy lifestyles. And it is an obligation for us to remind each other. So if you accidentally stopped visiting this blog and read the articles, I hope you will have a better understanding about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and then share the knowledge with your friends. All ages are obliged to have a healthy lifestyle, because if we have an awareness of a healthy lifestyle, not only have a positive effect on our fellow human beings, but also to the nature around us, because our earth is getting old. Therefore I conclude that "your health is not just for yourself".

Be healthy :)


  1. Excellent reminder of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I do my very best every single day.

    Have a terrific week ahead. :)

    1. Keep do your best Grandma... and keep healthy :)

  2. Thia piece is really informative. Thanks for this and keep writing :-)

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad if this is useful for you.. :)

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