Thursday, November 8, 2012

Your Friends and Your Health

friends of my parents
Sometimes I often imagine the moments when I get together with my friends. They have traits, habits, and character vary. You may also have friends with different characters anyway. Some of them love to play music, have a hobby sport, drinking alcohol, smoking, and other habits. And sometimes we are not aware of, that we could be adversely affected by their habits are. In essence, our friends are divided into two types, those who have positive habits and those with negative habits. So, according to the title of this article "Your Friends and Your Health", I will focus on healthy habits and unhealthy habits. How your friends can affect your healthy lifestyle.

Maybe some of you have guessed my way of thinking about it. It can not be denied, if we are affected by our surroundings. Long ago, when I was still actively smoking, indeed, I do a lot of hanging out with friends who like to smoke. And when you find friends with the same habits, of course it will be very exciting. Consciously we are often deliberately associating with people who have the same way of thinking with us, because it can make us comfortable. However, it would be nice if we find comfort in the good habits, wouldn't it?

I see women have a higher sensitivity than men, so that they could be affected by the habits of her friends, especially about physical problems. When a woman is obese, hanging out with friends who have a beautiful body, he might feel inferior, but it will make her motivated to be just like her friends. She will start looking for information so she's getting her wish. Same thing with men. When we hang out with work friends who have an athletic body, it will spur us to want to have the same thing with our friends.

Some of the examples above are just a small part of my consideration, how to get motivated to live healthy, we can get it through our friends. If we want to start living a healthy, try to get along with people who have first have a healthy life. In addition to  raise up the motivation for us to do the same lifestyle, we can also learn a lot from them about the methods they did. I also learned about health sciences by self-taught, because of my academic background has nothing to do with health. However, even though self-taught, clearly a health problem can not be studied in inconsequential and perfunctory. Because of that, I can take advantage of the friendship for studying health. I studied the theory and then I practiced on myself, and then I share that knowledge with others if it's useful and it's a good science. Because in my opinion, the good advice is by give an example.

I am not asking you to pick and choose friends in your friendship. Because we should be able to get along with anyone, as long as we are able to be critical of it. The idea above was a comparison, to raise your awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Once we've got the motivation, we can hung out as usual with our friends, as long as we can control ourselves. Lots bid for re smoking a cigarette, it is quite tempting, but since I've got the motivation, at least we can suppress the temptations that come.

Have a nice day :)

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