Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Myths About Ice Water Could Make The Body Fat

There is a statement in society that consuming ice water can make the body into fat. And there are also those who say that an athlete should not drink ice water because it will make their stamina becomes sluggish. Incidentally, I'm also a fan of ice water, even when I still have a body fat. At that time, indeed I strongly believe that ice water is bad, and has led to the deposition of fat in my body. However, i thought that this would be intriguing to find the truth of this theory. I began to search for information, and do existing theories. From all my experience, I feel that the theory that water ice fattening, it is just a myth. Because water ice is precisely the success in my diet.

Perhaps many people who see when the food put into the refrigerator, then there clumps of fat around it. Seeing this, people then thought that low temperatures will cause fat blob, and it also applies to the human body. Of course this will only occur in foods that have a high fat content.  While the foods that do not contain fat, of course there won't be the clumps of fat when frozen. Of course, the fat can not be formed only from a water. Perhaps this is one reason people become misguided to the ice water.

Moreover, the ice water we drink, will not be able to freeze the fat in our body. As an illustration, a lump of ice cubes placed at room temperature 20°C, it would melt. Moreover, if it's only ice water we drink, which enters our body with a temperature of 37°C. Did you ever pee, with the condition of your urine is cold? :)

Denny Santoso, a fitness expert from my country, explaining a logic. For example, the ice water with a temperature of 0°C, and then we drank ice water as much as 400 ml or 400 grams, then the body will have to increase the temperature from 0°C to 37°C (normal body temperature). In fact, it takes 1 calorie to raise the temperature of 1gram of water by 1°C. So, to normalize the body temperature, the body will burn calories by 14,800 calories or 14.8 Calorie (1 Cal = 1,000 cal).
Suppose that in one day we drank 2000 ml of ice water, then our body will burn about 74 Cal of energy. So in one month, the body will burn 2,220 Cal.

I often drink ice water after every meal and after exercise to maximize my body's calorie burning. However, there is also a myth that is not good drinking ice water after exercise. Why say that?
Since the time of exercise we will lose a lot of body fluids, so we need to intake water to keep our bodies hydrated. And when we drink ice water after exercise, we will tend to consume less water, because cold water will relieve thirst more quickly. So, drinking ice water will not be a problem as long as the quantity of water remains the same as when drinking water.

But still, we can not lose weight just by drinking ice water. All remains must have the limits. Because something exaggeration certainly would not be good. keep healthy :)


  1. I love ice cold water after a workout. It's far better ice cold too. I don't think it's going to hurt us one bit. Water is good, and many other drinks are not good.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. But if you are experiencing flu, it is better not to consume them first.
      Yaap... water is still the best of the best drink. So, we must always pay attention to the cleanliness of the water we drink. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You're welcome, Diane.
      Sharing knowledge to each other is very important of course.

      keep healthy :)

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